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Summit Junior Baseball
Date:  January 22, 2013                                                         Location:  Recreation Center
Meeting Called to Order by:  Sam Coburn                              Time: 7:40 PM
In Attendance: Cahill, Calabrese, Coburn, Competiello, D’Andrea, Douglas, Engmann, Hayford, Hoesly, Isralowitz, McCall, Miller (Jeff), Miller (Rob), Queripel, Shabinaw, Trone, Washburn, and Weiss.
Minutes:  Minutes from 12/18/12 meeting were accepted and approved.
Officer’s Reports: 
President – Sam Coburn: Mr. Coburn welcomed everyone on this cold and chilly night.  He shared that it is crunch time and there are many items that need to be discussed this evening in anticipation of the start of baseball and softball in only a few short months.
Softball – John Calabrese:  Registration is going well for softball.  Mr. Calabrese met with the Tri-County Board to iron out rules for the spring season for the older girls (grades 5 through 8).  All seems to be in good order.
Fields Update – Marc Rind:  Mr. Coburn spoke on behalf of Mr. Rind.  He shared that construction for the Mastadon batting cage at Memorial Field has begun.  He anticipates that the cages will be completed and ready for Opening Day in April.
There was a discussion regarding replacing several broken electric golf carts.  No decision has been made yet at this time.
All fields are currently closed. 
Marketing – Matt Hayford:
Equipment: Mr. McCall shared that the final return of all equipment used last year will be in February.  Then, the shed will be cleaned, purged and inventory will be taken.  There was a suggestion to have some Middle Schoolers help with the clean up as a part of their community service.  This idea was well received.
Elk’s Fundraiser:  Mr. Competiello shared that the SJBB/SGFS Elk’s Fundraiser is scheduled for April 19th. This event was a huge success last year, and all are hopeful that the results will be the same this spring. The Save-the-Date email was already sent out.  Similar to last year, SJBB is looking for donations for the event.
Pizzafest: Stewart Douglas has agreed to help with Pizzafest this year.  At the moment, Pizzafest for baseball is schedule for March 18, 19, and 21 at the Summit High School.  Softball will hold their Pizzafest at the High School on March 20th.
Sponsorships: Mrs. Washburn shared that the last push for sponsorships is currently underway.  At this point in time, more than 54 teams are being sponsored.  Several business in town have expressed an interest in wanting to be even more involved in supporting SJBB and SGFS.  Ways to get their added support was discussed.
Uniforms: Mrs. Cahill said uniforms will be ordered after registration is closed.  Spring and summer travel uniforms will be ordered through Majestic.  The shirt will be maroon as it has been in the past. There has been some discussion to order a lighter fabric for the summer jerseys, but the cost difference needs to be analyzed.  Recreation uniforms will be ordered through Thompsons again.  Since this is the first year where parents are ordering specific sizes, the hope is to have uniforms pre-bagged and ready to go for Pizzafest.  However, there may be a time crunch.
Operations – David Trone:
Evaluations:  Mr. Trone said that evaluations are tentatively scheduled for February 9th:  2 to 4 pm - third grade, 4 to 6 pm - fourth grade, and 6 to 8 pm - fifth and six grade.  As has been done in the past, there will be different stations to assess the kids’ skills (e.g. fielding/throwing, pitching, speed test, hitting, etc.).  There will be assistants moving the kids from station to station to keep the process moving smoothly.  For the first time, pitching machines will be used to assess hitting.
Draft:  Last year, the draft was changed from a closed draft to an open draft.  Overall, the results were positive with this new system.  As a result, the open draft will remain this year.  There was a lengthy discussion on how to ensure balanced teams.  With an open draft, there is a tendency to pick the players one knows and not necessarily the best player available in the draft.  So, some corrective measures need to be put in place to equalize teams.  The draft is tentatively scheduled for February 23rd.
Registration Update – Patty McDonald: Registration is going well and is consistent with last year.
Spring Travel – Jeff Miller: Mr. Miller has shared that registration is now closed for all spring travel teams.  No tryouts are necessary for the fourth and fifth grade teams since they have just enough players to field one team.  The sixth grade has enough players to field two teams.  So, no players will be cut, but there will be a tryout in order to put players on the appropriate team.  One team will play in the Serbo league (a more competitive league), and the other will be playing in the Union league.
The seventh grade has 21 boys signed up for spring travel.  There will be a try out on February 2nd, at the Ballpark.  There will be cuts made at this grade level by the discretion of the coach, Leroy Horn. 
The 6th grade Cooperstown team has not been picked yet, but will be soon.
Personnel – Todd Engmann – The coaches’ solicitation letter just went out.  Mr. Engmann is hoping to have all coaches in place by February 1st so that they may be teamed up for the evaluations scheduled on February 9th
There will be a coach’s clinic for grades 3 through 6, on February 26th at the Elk’s Club.  On March 6th (tentative), there will be a coach’s clinic for grades K-2. 
New Business (All Board Members):  There is still the need to have a Coaches’ Appreciation event for all of those who coached baseball last year.  Hurricane Sandy and the fact that there was no fifth game of the World Series caused the event to be rescheduled.  Possible dates discussed are 2/25 and 2/26.  Nothing definitive yet.
Important Upcoming Dates:
February 2                  Evaluations for 7th grade travel team at the Ballpark
February 9                  Evaluations for grades 3-6 at Summit High School
February 20                Board Meeting
February 23                Baseball Draft
February 26                Coaches’ Clinic – grades 3-6 at the Elks, and Coaches’ Appreciation Night directly following
March 6                       Coaches’ Clinic – grades k-2 at the Elks (tentative date)
March 18,19, 21          SJBB Pizzafest at Summit High School
March 20                     SGFS Pizzafest at Summit High School
April 8                          Opening Day
April 19                        SJBB/SGFS Fundraiser at the Summit Elks Club
Meeting Adjourned At: 9 pm
Minutes Compiled By:  Alexandra Queripel, SJBB Recording Secretary