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Annual General Membership Meeting/Election of Officers
Summit Junior Baseball
Date:  October 8, 2012                                           Location:  Summit High School
Meeting Called to Order by:  Drew Maldonado  Time:  7:45 PM
Board Members In Attendance:  John Calabrese, Mat Carlson, Chris Chang, Sam Coburn, Todd Engmann, John Floegel, Neil Greenstein, Al Hoesly, Jen Isralowitz, Brian Kaufman, Scott Lenz, Drew Maldonado, Patty McDonald, Dave Nardino, Jeff Schaffer, David Trone, and Lisa Washburn.
Presentation of Slate and Election of New Officers:
Mr. Maldonado greeted the general membership and noted that a quorum was present at the meeting. 
The slate of new executive board members was presented to membership by the nominating committee and appointed by the current SJBB President, Drew Maldonado.  All officers were nominated to serve a two-year term and the slate is as follows:
  • President                                                                  Sam Coburn
  • Treasurer                                                                  Tim Shannon
  • Director - Operations                                              David Trone
  • Director - Personnel                                                           Todd Engmann
  • Director - At - Large                                                 Jeff Miller
  • Director - Marketing/Purchasing                           Matt Hayford
  • Director - Fields                                                       Marc Rind
**A motion was made by Scott Lenz and seconded by Neil Greenstein to approve the slate of new executive board members. A vote was taken, and the General Membership unanimously approved the Executive Board slate.
Change To Bylaws Recommended:
**A motion was made by Drew Maldonado and seconded by Sam Coburn to amend the SJBB Bylaws as follows:
Allow the elected president to activate one of two roles for the executive board position currently described as Vice President in the Bylaws. The elected President of the organization shall activate the executive board seat as either the President Emeritus or Vice President. Each position would be a one-year term with all the same voting rights and responsibilities of any executive board member.  The activated position is subject to general election.
The SJBB General Membership unanimously voted to approve the change to the Bylaws.
Election of Newly Defined Position:
**A motion was made by newly elected President, Sam Coburn, to activate the new position as set forth above, and to nominate Drew Maldonado to fill the position.  John Calabrese seconded the motion.  The membership unanimously voted Drew Maldonado as President Emeritus.
Meeting Adjourned.
Minutes Compiled By:  Jen Isralowitz and Alexandra Queripel