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Summit Junior Baseball
Date:  July 12, 2012                                                               Location:  Elk’s Club
Meeting Called to Order by:  Drew Maldonado                       Time: 8:15 PM
In Attendance: Calabrese, Carlson, Chang, Coburn, Comiteau, Compietello, Douglas, Engmann, Hayford, Isralowitz, Lenz, Maldonado, McDonald, Miller, Pacilio, Queripel, Schaffer, Shannon, Trone, and Washburn.
Officer’s Reports:
President – Maldonado
Mr. Maldonado welcomed everyone to a brainstorming session for next year.  He wanted all Board Members to reflect on the past season and share any suggestions or enhancements.
Mr. Maldonado is very proud of the work that the Board has accomplished while he was president. 
Nominating Committee – McDonald
Mrs. McDonald has volunteered to be in charge of the nominating committee for SJBB.  Currently, there are five major positions open: President, Director of Fields, Director of Marketing, Director of Personnel and Treasurer. 
It would be ideal to have a Board president sit for two years to ensure that the Board’s agenda gets accomplished.  It is imperative to find dedicated and hard-working people to volunteer for the organization.
Personnel - Miller
Mr. Maldonado praised Mr. Miller for his hard work with summer ball this year.  There have been a few bumps in the road, but things have fallen into place.
Some league directors addressed the concern that Summit’s summer baseball teams are not competitive compared to other towns.  There was a discussion of ways to prepare the kids for higher-level baseball.  Picking summer ball teams earlier in the spring to allow more practices was an option discussed as well as running pitching clinics to benefit all players.
SJBB is looking for parents willing to coach Fall Ball for all age levels.  An email will be distributed looking for coaches.  If a grade level does not have coaches, then there will be no team. Fall Clinics were a huge success last year, and the plan is to schedule more again this fall.
Marketing – Douglas
Sales were down for photo day this year and the reasons could be two fold:  a major lacrosse tournament was going on that day, and the interest in sports’ pictures may be dwindling do to digital cameras.
Team pictures are important since they are placed on a plaque given to all sponsors.  Many of the sponsors display their plaques in their businesses year after year.  One idea that was mentioned was to take the team photo at pizzafest where there is the greater likelihood of having the whole team present.
League Directors Season Wrap-Up:
The majority of the Board meeting was spent discussing the baseball program and the positives that work and ways to enhance the program for the future.  The league directors for each grade level spoke and had specific ideas for their league.  Below is a compilation of ideas that would be advantageous for all grade levels:
  • Run weekly grade-wide practices to work on specific skills during spring season.
  • Have fewer games and more organized practices for the lower grades.
  • Offer pitching clinics throughout the year.
  • Present skills and drills clinics.
  • Organize teams by age and not grade.
  • Offer coaching clinics before and during the season.
  • Encourage parent involvement with team (team managers, field helpers, etc.).
  • Hold summer baseball tryouts in early spring so that teams can have the opportunity to work and practice together.
  • Ensure that spring and summer travel teams are in the right league, which are competitive, but not overwhelming.
Meeting Adjourned At: 10:35
Minutes Compiled By:  Alexandra Queripel, SJBB Recording Secretary