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Summit Junior Baseball
Date:  June 12, 2012                                                              Location:  Rec Center
Meeting Called to Order by:  Drew Maldonado                       Time: 7:45 PM
In Attendance: Carlson, Coburn, Douglas, Floegel, Hayford, Isralowitz, Maldonado, McDonald, Miller, Queripel, Shannon, Trone, and Washburn.
Minutes:  Minutes of 4/17/12 meeting were accepted and approved.
Officer’s Reports:
President – Maldonado
Mr. Maldonado welcomed everyone to the last board meeting of the season.  He thanked the group for their hard work during the year, and said a special thank you to those who are ending their term.
He would like to have one board meeting in the summer, possibly in July, to brainstorm ideas for next year. 
Championship Weekend – Douglas
Mr. Douglas went over the specifics for Championship Weekend: all volunteers are in place, Towne Deli is catering, members need to wear wrist bands to receive food, tickets will be sold for games at the field, Sportsmanship Awards will be handed out at 11:30, and a home run derby will be held in the afternoon.
On Saturday, Baseball Championship Games will be at Memorial Field.  The Major League Championship Game will be at Jefferson, under the lights, starting at 7 pm.  Mr. Hayford suggested having the National Anthem sung before every Championship Game, and his idea was well received.    All-Star games will be held on Sunday, at Jefferson Field, starting at 9 am.
On another note, Mr. Douglas shared that plaques for sponsors were hand-delivered by Sports Shots (sports photography company).  Each sponsor, in Summit, was handed their plaque, and thanked for their sponsorship.  Plaques were sent to out-of-town sponsors with a letter of appreciation. 
League Directors Season Wrap-Up
League Directors sent out year-end messages thanking all coaches for their hard work during the season.  Player evaluations have been collected.  Trophies were delivered promptly to each league director for championship games.
Some field issues have been observed which may be addressed in the coming months.
Directors will continue to encourage players to sign up for years to come. Different suggestions on how to begin and end the season were discussed.  It was also mentioned to try to end the season, if at all possible, on Saturday for the younger players.
Scheduling – McDonald
Mrs. McDonald distributed summer travel schedules.  Summer coaches are enthusiastic and many are already practicing.
Mrs. McDonald shared that there may be some rescheduling for summer teams depending on field availability.
Financial Report – Kaufman
Please send any outstanding expenses to Mr. Kaufman.
Operations & Umpiring program – Floegel
The kid umpire program went well and positive feedback has been received.
Personnel and Summer Ball – Miller
Mr. Maldonado thanked Mr. Miller and Mrs. McDonald for a job well done in organizing SJBB’s eleven summer baseball teams. There is a lot of work getting players registered into tournaments, organizing teams, finding coaches and creating the schedule.
Mr. Miller shared that summer ball is a great opportunity for players to play more competitive baseball.  Kids, age 9 to 12, try out for teams.  There are usually several different teams per age group with at least one tournament team.  Every effort is made not to cut players, when possible. 
The summer ball program is very strong in Summit and it is important to get the word out so that players keep signing up year after year.  Two suggestions were made to help promote the summer program:  a separate promotional letter and an informational meeting held in the spring.
Softball - Calabrese
No report.
Fields – Coburn
Saturday night after the Championship Game, Jefferson needs to be converted from a 50/70 to a 46/60 field for the two all-star games starting early the next morning.  Several volunteers offered to do the conversion.
Field conditions were discussed.  There are many summer games, and field availability is very tight.  Some field assignments may need to be changed.
Since other towns play summer ball on our fields, it is important that they are in good condition. In the past, there have been some complaints about Lincoln School’s pitching mound, the Middle School field and the Lower High School field.  There was discussion on how to improve each field.  New pitching mounds, batter’s box, and coaching boxes were also talked about for different fields. 
Old & New Business:
Meeting Adjourned At:  10:05
Minutes Compiled By:  Alexandra Queripel, SJBB Recording Secretary