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Summit Junior Baseball
Date:  April 17, 2012                                                               Location:  Rec Center
Meeting Called to Order by:  Drew Maldonado                       Time: 8:15 PM
In Attendance: Calabrese, Carlson, Competiello, Engmann, Floegel, Hayford, Isralowitz, Kaufman, Maldonado, McDonald, Miller, Pacolio, Queripel, Shannon, Trone
Minutes:  Minutes of 3/12/12 meeting were accepted and approved.
Officer’s Reports:
President – Maldonado
Mr. Maldonado welcomed the group and thanked specific members for their hard work with getting the Spring 2012 season under way. 
Mr. Maldonado reminded the Board that there is a new pitch counts system in place and that it is important for coaches to promptly record pitchers’ information.  It is also necessary for membership to be aware of the new system, so that they can look up the information on their child at any time on the SJBB website.  
Scheduling – McDonald
Mrs. McDonald shared that team schedules are now finished and are posted on the website.
She also said that on line registration would begin shortly for summer travel teams.
Financial Report – Kaufman
Mr. Kaufman presented the financial numbers for the month.  They may be viewed upon request.
Mr. Kaufman distributed an information sheet that explained where fundraising proceeds have been spent in the past.
With fundraising money collected last year, SJBB accomplished the following: awarded $3,000 in college scholarships, paid tournament costs for summer baseball and softball teams, subsidized 7th and 8th grade middle school team, and fully funded Championship Weekend Picnic.
Separately, Mr. Kaufman noted that he would be handing out money over the next week to coaches for umpire fees.
Operations & Umpiring program – Floegel
Mr. Floegel expressed that the kid umpire program is a huge success and he thanked and complimented those who were running it.
Personnel and Summer Ball – Miller
Mr. Miller shared that emails went out to coaches regarding the new pitch count system and to review league rules.
Summer travel registration will begin online soon and tryouts for summer ball will be May 20th.  The goal is for teams to be announced by Memorial Day Weekend.  Mr. Miller is currently filling the positions for summer travel coaches. Summer travel is a more competitive option for those kids who want to participate.
There is some discussion as to whether or not there will be a 15U American Legion summer ball team.  This team is part of the high school program and is funded by SJBB.  At this point, there is no coach for the team.  There will be 17U and 19U programs.
Currently, there is a police officer, Ryan Stanek, who is coaching the 12U spring travel team and the feedback from parents and players has been excellent. The hope is to get additional police officers and other members of the community to coach for both spring travel and summer travel ball.
Softball - Calabrese
Softball enrollment is about the same compared to last year.
Mr. Calabrese mentioned that there has been a great response to the canopies that were installed this spring at Memorial Field.  There was an article in the “Summit Patch” regarding the work performed. 
On another note, Mr. Calabrese shared that the Middle School team is very competitive this year.
Fields - Coburn
All fields are now open.
Marketing – Douglas
Picture Day: – This event will be held on Saturday, April 21st at Jefferson field from 8 am to 1 pm. It is important for each baseball and softball team to get their picture taken so that it may be placed on a plaque for their sponsor.  There was a discussion on the best way to distribute plaques: either by personal delivery or by mail.
Patriot’s Night:  This family event will be held on Saturday, May 5th.  Since this event is happening the week after the Elk’s Fundraiser, there is some concern that attendance may be light.  Coaches are asked to remind their teams about this wonderful family night.
Pizzafest:  All pizzafests went very well and players were able to meet their coaches and teammates. 
One point raised was that SJBB is doing many fundraisers all at once like Picture Day, Elk’s Fundraiser and Patriot’s Night. The hope is to spread out fundraisers more evenly next year.
Old Business – Coordination of Elk’s Fundraiser
Elk’s Fundraiser:  Coordination for the Elk’s Fundraiser, Friday, April 27th, is almost complete.  Over 20 items have been collected for the auction and most of them are big-ticket sports’ items that will hopefully be a big draw.  An email will be sent highlighting the most popular items at the auction. 
The DJ, food, and Elk’s Hall have all been arranged. This is the first year of the fundraiser and there is the hope that it will be very successful.  SJBB is having this fundraiser not only to raise money, but also to build a sense of community and pride in our town’s baseball program.
Newsletter:  The first newsletter, “Batter Up,” has been sent out to membership and positive feedback has been received.  The second newsletter will be distributed shortly.  The intent is to send the newsletter twice a month when in season and once a month or less when out of season.  The purpose of the newsletter is to inform membership of current happenings and events in a fun and entertaining manner.
Other Business:
Batboys:  There was a discussion for putting a batboy system in place for High School Varsity Games.  The intent would be to have 4th, 5th, and possibly 6th grade boys participate in the program.  Having the younger boys involved as batboys, would help build the excitement for the baseball program, and would help grow relationships between older and younger baseball players.  The Board was in favor of this system, but the topic was tabled for a later date. 
Meeting Adjourned At:  10:05
Minutes Compiled By:  Alexandra Queripel, SJBB Secretary