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SJBB Board of Directors Meeting
March 12, 2012
Attendees:  Drew Maldonado, Todd Engman, David Nardino, David Trone, Bob Compitello, Chuck McCall, Mat Carlson, Jeff Miller, Mary Beth Cahill, Tim Shannon, Matt Hayford, Stewart Douglas, Allie Goldstein, Jen Isralowitz, Lisa Washburn
Funds & Fundraising & Spending: 
  • Balance in the account is now $194,516.24.  Discussion regarding fundraiser including licensing for raffles.  We are okay with the license for the 50/50 and are looking into whether special licenses are needed for the other raffle items (expected to be baseball facility items – tunnel time/lessons, etc).   
  • Save the date email went out for the First Annual SJBB Fundraiser.  The event will be held at the Elks in April.
  • The Boosters are advertising the SJBB fundraiser on its facebook page and will email blast for us.
  • Pizzafests will begin next week (3/19 for grades K-1, 3/20 for softball, 3/21 for grades 2-3, 3/27 for grades 4-5-6).  Location for 4-5-6 event still being finalized.  Volunteers are needed to assist starting at 5:30 for set up.  Coaches should be encouraged to reach out to their teams to come to the event so that the players can meet the coaches and their teammates.  Hat and decals will be sold at Pizzafest.
  • Funds being utilized to expand the non-parent coaching presence at the higher grade levels.
  • Drew asked for ideas for field improvements to be forwarded to him and Sam Coburn.  Items currently on the agenda include the batting cages at Wilson and Memorial fields. 
  • The fields are opened.  Home run fences should be up by April 1st.   Scheduling will be ad hoc until the official field schedule is up.  Efforts should be made to share fields (if needed) until formal calendar is up.  We should strive for fairness in reserving fields.
Coaches & Clinics & Skill Development: 
  • Coaches clinics are scheduled for 3/28.  Conflict with Expo night at middle school so may want to adjust times. 
  • Recommendation for clinics to teach kids how to take a pitch. 
  • There is an unfinished spreadsheet on the website that outlines skill development by age group.  It would be great to finalize that and tie in specific drills to help reach the developmental goals. 
  • First time coaches need to be certified by taking a class when offered; coaches are encouraged to take the Rutgers class that is offered by SJBB when scheduled.
  • K-2 teams to be announced tomorrow (3/13). 
  • Adjustments are still being made to the teams for grades 3, 4 & 5.
Uniforms & Equipment: 
  • There is excitement around the retro uniforms. 
  • Equipment to be distributed to coaches either this weekend or next weekend.  It was recommended to stage the distribution by age group.  8th grade volunteers are needed. 
  • Helmets with facemasks are provided once the younger kids start pitching but not required (but provided) for the older grades.
Travel Teams: 
  • 7th and 8th grade travel teams were picked.  There were cuts.  29 tried out for 7th.  21/22 tried out for 8th
  • It is positive that there was so much interest at these grade levels and there is optimism that the changes made this year will keep more players feeding into the high school program.  Statistic that while there are ~100 Tball players that start out in the program each year, there are only 6 seniors in high school playing. 
  • Travel games start the last weekend in March – there will be 8-10 games depending on the league.
Suburban Draft: 
  • Open draft to be conducted Saturday 3/17. 
  • There will be six teams from Summit.  
  • An additional four teams from Springfield will be in the league.
Summer Travel: 
  • Setting up committee now with representatives from each age group. 
  • Discussion on lengthy process to register for Cal Ripken.
Softball Teams: 
  • All teams finalized. 
  • SJBB donated canopies for the fields and Episcipo donated the time to put them up. 
  • The canopies are going up for the Myrtle Ave field. 
  • The Ashland Ave field canopies will be put up in the fall.
  • There is a meeting April 1 and there may be a second scheduled. 
Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.