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Summit Junior Baseball
Date:  January 17, 2012                                                         Location:  Rec Center
Meeting Called to Order by:  Drew Maldonado                       Time:  7:48 PM
In Attendance:  Miller, Carlson, Comiteau, Competiello, McCall, Schaeffer, Greenstein, Engmann, Chang, Cahill, Douglas, Hayford, Hoesly, Coburn, Kaufman, McDonald, Floegel, Washburn, Maldonado, Queripel
Minutes:  Minutes of 12/19/11 meeting were accepted and approved.
Officer’s Reports:
President – Maldonado
Mr. Maldonado welcomed and thanked all board members for attending.  He explained the importance of tonight’s meeting since it was the last one before the evaluations and draft of the Spring 2012 season. 
Financial Report – Kaufman
As of December 31st, 2011, SJBB’s cash balance was $80,473.78. 
Mr. Kaufman provided a detailed spreadsheet of the proposed 2011-12 budget versus the actual 2010-2011 budget.  He presented the proposed 2012 budget to the board and reviewed several important changes from last year.
There was a significant increase in budgeted funds for both Capital Improvements and for equipment.  Mr. Kaufman explained the reasons for both.  The budget allowance for Capital Improvements increased so that SJBB can make necessary changes to ball fields this spring and summer.  The equipment area also increased to allow for the purchase of new bats meeting the 1.15 requirements and to also allow for the increase in uniform costs.
VOTE:  Matt Hayford made a motion to approve the 2012 proposed SJBB budget.  Sam Coburn seconded the motion.  The Board voted and unanimously approved the 2012 SJBB budget.
Registration Update – McDonald
Mrs. McDonald was very pleased with the progress of registration of all baseball and softball programs thus far.  Even though registration is at the mid-way point, it appears to be up from this time last year.  Registration will be closed for most programs on February 1st.
Mrs. McDonald shared that SJBB has received a large number of monetary donations just by adding a donation box to the on-line registration form.  The board was pleased by this news.
Mrs. McDonald also spoke about the informational meeting, which was run by Coach Welsh at LCJMS.  There was a very good turn out, more than 50 students in total, from both seventh and eighth grades.  Mr. Welsh explained that there would be two teams this year: one for seventh graders and one for eighth graders.  There seemed to be a lot of interest from the students. 
Operations and Evaluations – Floegel
Clinics: Mr. Floegel reported that there was an excellent turn out for winter baseball clinics.  Extra Innings are running the nine-week sessions.
Umpires: Mr. Floegel is currently looking for a parent to run the kid umpire program.  He will soon be recruiting 8th graders to participate.
Evaluations and Draft:  Evaluations will be held on February 4th and 5th for grades three through six.  Times are currently being decided for each grade level.
New this year, coaches will be participating in the evaluation process.  In addition, 10 or more adult volunteers will be needed for the Major Leagues to help run try-out stations.
The draft will be held the following week on February 11th at the Elk’s Club from 12 pm to 5 pm.  Coaches will be given a time slot to appear for the draft.
It is recommended that one or both of the coaches for each team attend the evaluation process and draft for their age group.
Mr. Lenz has written a letter with detailed instructions on how the evaluation and draft process will run.  This letter will be shared with coaches over the next week. Since the draft process has changed this year to an open draft, educating the coaches in this new system is imperative.  Confidentiality during evaluations is also a high priority, as always.
Mr. Hoesly shared that softball clinics are up and running, and there has been positive feedback regarding the clinics.
Personnel – Miller
Mr. Miller is still actively recruiting coaches for all grade levels.  He explained that it is critical to get coaches for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th/6th grade teams in place immediately since coaches will be participating in the evaluation process this year on February 4th and 5th.  As a result, Mr. Miller is required to place coaches five weeks earlier than usual.  League Directors are actively involved in the recruiting process.
Mr. Miller is also recruiting coaches for spring travel teams.  There is a discussion of which league each travel team will participate in and that will be decided at a future date.
Fields - Coburn
Fields are still closed.  
Marketing – Douglas
Upcoming Dates: Mr. Douglas confirmed important upcoming dates.  Pizzafest will be on March 19th and 20th for baseball, and will be on March 21st for softball.  Team pictures for both softball and baseball will be taken on April 21st.  The Elk’s fundraiser will be on April 27th, and Patriots Night will be on May 5th
Sponsors: Ms. Washburn shared that at this point in time, 45 teams are being sponsored. There may be more over the next few weeks.  SJBB is working diligently to get all sponsors in place. 
Uniforms: Ms. McCahill is looking into ordering uniforms for the upcoming season for both the recreation league and spring travel teams.  Sponsors need to be in place and registration numbers need to be finalized for uniforms to be ordered.
Equipment:  Since bat requirements have changed, Mr. McCall took an extensive inventory of the current bats in the shed and made recommendations for the spring season.
Vice President – Greenstein
Mr. Greenstein added to Mr. McCall’s comments by sharing his opinions regarding the new baseball bat requirements and how it would affect our bat inventory.  He recommended that further research be done to clarify what the labeling on bats actually mean in terms of the new requirements.
In addition, there was a discussion regarding the necessity of handing out bats to each team.
Other Business:
No other business at this time.
Meeting Adjourned At:  9:55
Minutes Compiled By:  Alexandra Queripel, SJBB Secretary