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Summit Junior Baseball
Date:  December 19, 2011                                                      Location:  Elk’s Club
Meeting Called to Order by:  Drew Maldonado                       Time:  7:48 PM
In Attendance: Pacilio, Engmann, Shannon, Competiello, Coburn, Schaffer, Trone, Floegel, Lenz, Maldonado, McDonald, Douglas, Washburn, Calabrese, Leiter, Miller, Hayford, Kaufman, Queripel
Minutes:  Minutes of 11/14/11 meeting were accepted and approved.

Officer’s Reports:
President – Maldonado
Mr. Maldonado welcomed the board.  He then gave a brief overview of what was to be discussed at the meeting:  progress of spring registration, new baseball evaluation process, audit findings for the 2011 budget, and important dates to remember for evaluations, draft and pizza fest.
The next board meeting will be on January 17th.
Registration Update – McDonald
Registration for spring began on December 1st and numbers are consistent to what they were at this time last year. Ms. McDonald explained that people generally sign up in January once letters go home in backpacks.
There was a discussion about the success of the new donation and volunteer boxes now placed on the online registration form.  The donation box has been quite successful with a good number of monetary donations already received.  The volunteer box has also been successful in identifying people who are willing to volunteer their time by helping coaches or by assisting with special events.  Ms. McDonald feels the addition of these new boxes have been very positive.
The email announcement for Winter Clinic registration went out on December 19th. The baseball clinics are priced at $90 for nine sessions. There is generally a large turn out for the younger grades and there is the hope that more kids will sign up for the older grades.
Operations and Evaluations – Floegel and Lenz
Mr. Lenz presented the Executive Board’s decision that there will be an open draft for grades three and up this spring. 
Previously, only the suburban league had the open draft and the younger grades were doing a blind draft.  The Executive Board discussed the pros and cons of an open draft system and felt that it was the best way to move forward.  Many surrounding towns have also adopted the open draft approach.
In the open draft, coaches will have the opportunity to observe players at tryouts to make their own notes. In addition, coaches’ evaluations from the previous year and try-out evaluation sheets will be used to assist during the draft process.  As usual, all information regarding each player will be kept confidential.
One of the positives of an open draft system is that the player is looked at as a whole with skill, attitude, and effort recognized rather than only being looked at as a number or ranking.
At the moment, baseball evaluations are tentatively scheduled for February 4th with the draft being scheduled for February 11th.
Financial Report – Kaufman
Mr. Kaufman presented the independent auditors report to the board.  The audit went smoothly with many positive comments made by the auditors.  SJBB’s financial status is considered healthy and has complied with all generally accepted accounting principles required for not-for-profit organizations. 
In accordance to the audit, it was suggested that SJBB strengthen its whistle blower policy and should enhance fraud and internal theft measures.
Presenting the audit to the board was the first step.  The SJBB budget will now be reviewed by the Executive Board and presented at a later date.  The cash balance at the end of November 2011 was $56,902.08.  As a result of deferred and accrued expenses, cash balances always fluctuate. 
Mr. Kaufman is encouraged for the upcoming fiscal year with SJBB’s strong fundraising efforts under way and the organization’s solid financial health.  The goal is to always economize where possible and to devout as much money towards the players and their teams.  One significant expense this year will be equipment since bat regulations have changed. 
Softball – Calabrese
Mr. Calabrese had nothing to report at this time.
Fields - Coburn
Mr. Coburn says that all fields are closed.  He will talk to Mr. Ozoroski regarding repairs that need to be made.
Personnel – Miller
Mr. Miller reported that he is beginning the process of finding volunteers to coach for the spring season.  He is first reaching out to those who coached last year and then will be contacting new prospective candidates.  League Directors will also be helpful in finding coaches for each age level.
There is an exciting new change this year, which will involve all coaches from the third grade level and older.  Mr. Miller explained that during the February evaluation, coaches will be given the opportunity to watch players try out so that they may record their own observations.  As a result, this pushes up the need to have coaches in place by the February 4th evaluation date. 
Marketing – Douglas
The dates for Pizzafest have been decided:
Pizzafest for baseball will be on March 19th and March 20th for players in kindergarten through fourth grade in the High School Cafeteria.  It will be determined at a later date, which ages will be participating on which day.  There will be no pizzafest this year for fifth/sixth grades.
Pizzafest for softball will be on March 21st for grades one through six in the High School Cafeteria.  There will be no pizzafest for seventh and eighth grades.
Mr. Maldonado talked about the Elk’s Fundraiser that will be held in late April.  This fundraiser (details to be announced shortly) will be a great new opportunity to raise money for SJBB.  The exact date has not been decided yet.
As a result of the Elk’s fundraiser, the date of Patriot’s Day may be changed. Alternate dates and alternate venues are currently being investigated, and a confirmed date/time for this family fundraiser will be shared soon.
Mr. Engmann announced that starting in January, Anna’s Restaurant will donate 15% of the bill before tax and tip to any diner who says they’re with SJBB.  This deal is applicable for Monday and Tuesdays only after 4 pm.
An ad ran in the Patch thanking all past SJBB sponsors.  At this time, 46 teams will have sponsors.  19 sponsors have already paid for 22 teams. SJBB is waiting to receive payment from the other sponsors. All sponsors need to be in place by January 31st so that uniforms with their names on them may be ordered. 
There was a discussion about the possibility of having sponsor’s names on third grade shirts.  This would be the first year this has been done.  This is all pending if enough sponsors sign up.
Other Business:
Middle School Team - Coach Zaleski and Coach Cohen attended the meeting to share the changes that will be made to the middle school baseball team this upcoming season.  The middle school team is sponsored by SJBB, and is coached by Ike Welsh.  The coaches had previously presented to the Executive Board the idea of a middle school team comprised of eighth graders only and this idea was agreed upon. Nevertheless, there was continued discussion about the pros and cons of this decision.
It was explained that many students try out for the middle school team from seventh and eighth grade and many players are cut each year.  By staying with an eighth grade team only, less eighth graders will be cut giving them the opportunity to play and to train consistently with professional coaches.   By doing this, there is the hope that there will be more players to benefit the freshman, junior varsity and varsity baseball teams.
With the middle school team staying with eighth graders only, then there was a suggestion of creating a SJBB sponsored seventh grade team.  There was much discussion on the best way to provide a competitive option for these players with the opportunity for them to train and improve their skill set. 
One of the biggest challenges for coaches is to find open baseball fields for kids to practice on several times a week. 
There was also the suggestion of more involvement between the middle school kids and high school baseball teams to foster an interest in the younger grades.  Many baseball options such as promoting “Baseball Under the Lights”, family tailgating before games, middle school batboys for high school games, and a player buddy system were all discussed and will be tabled for a later date. 
Meeting Adjourned At:  9:15
Minutes Compiled By:  Alexandra Queripel, SJBB Secretary