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Summit Junior Baseball
Board of Directors Meeting---Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Meeting Minutes
In Attendance:   Maldonado, Lenz, Zusi, Silberstein, Trone, Cahill, Chang, Welsh, Miller, Nardino, Hoesly, McDonald, McLaughlin, Kaufman, Douglas, Linda Pacilio, Schaeffer, Setulski
  1. President’s  Report--Maldonado
Mr. Maldonado began the meeting at 7:48 PM with an overview of the agenda. He introduced Marybeth Cahill, who kindly agreed to handle/coordinate uniform orders.
He provided a detailed overview of the agenda for Father’s Day festivities.He described the intention and rationale for scheduling recreation league championship league games as the centerpiece of this year’s Father’s Day activities, as an experiment relative to prior years (where all-star games were played on Father’s Day).He noted that the Executive Committee thought this experiment was worthwhile, given the intention to encourage attendance by as many league participants and families as possible.There was a belief that more kids and their families would come out to watch their friends compete in championship games. Mr. Maldonado indicated this was only an experiment and that the success of the change would be evaluated before deciding whether to approach the day similarly in 2012.
He described an e-mail he would send to coaches regarding the attitude and philosophy of coaches during play-off time and the importance of sportsmanship as the paramount consideration.
He noted that Al Leiter would be on-hand to present this year’s sportsmanship and coaches awards.
  1. Special Report/Perspective—Setulski
Mr. Setulski was invited to offer his insights on the experiment with this year’s 5th/6th grade combined recreation league program, which involved a shift to a 50/70 size field as well as more traditional baseball rules (e.g., leading).
Before beginning his discussion, he enthusiastically endorsed the Father’s Day “championship game day” experiment.He noted that this format had been used successfully in Millburn for years.
He believed that the move back to acombined 5th/6th grade league (but on a 50/70 field) was an overall success and that the 5th graders, although challenged initially, developed and adapted well over the course of the year.He described the possibility of mandating a maximum leading distance, given the significant increase in stolen bases as a result of leading and the increased burden on catching skills.He also suggested that the league consider combining 4th and 5th graders and having 6th graders compete in a recreation league format with other communities.There was some discussion of this idea, but it was decided to postpone further consideration until the fall (when a new board would be elected).
  1. Softball—Calabrese
Mr. Calabrese noted that the spring league program wrapped up last night and that related all-star game activity was scheduled for this coming weekend.
He provided an overview of the anticipated summer softball program, noting there would be teams at the 10U, 12U and 14U levels (with possibly 2 teams at the 12U level).He noted an intention to take at least one of the teams to the “firecracker” tourney.
  1. Father’s Day Activities—Linda Pacilio
Ms. Pacilio disseminated a detailed assignment responsibility chart for the day’s activities.She noted that there were still a number of volunteer opportunities available associated with a number of activities, particularly later in the day. She also noted (and commended) thenumber of high school level volunteer participants for the event.She thanked Kevin Zaleski for his efforts in encouraging the high school baseball players to participate.
She noted that the dunk tank would be available at 10 AM.Mr. Douglas indicated that he was working with Mr. Hoesly to ensure that all electrical needs were met that day (particularly for the inflatables, generator and music).There was a discussion of the need to find a way to encourage the program’s sponsors to attend the event.
It was noted that the donation jar should be placed near the food concessions for the event, as in prior years.There was also a discussion of the anticipated equipment donation event (Rene) and merchandise sales (Stewart), which would be happening simultaneously with other more traditional activities.
         3.  Summer Registrations/Summer League Status—McDonald/Miller
Ms. McDonald indicated that teams were now set and registered with relevant leagues.
Mr. Miller provided an overview of the chartering/registration challenges associated with the Ripken league. There was a discussion of the costs and benefits associated with continued participation in the Ripken program, given the scheduling conflicts that often occur as well as the demands that are placed on team pitchers.
Mr. Miller provided an overview of the program’s participation in the New Providence Green League (NPGL).He indicated that the program would have 15 teams entered in the NPGL.He noted that there was a concern about “A” level teams attempting to participate in the NPGL, which is a chronic problem.He indicated that the 13U and 14U level teams were most in need of support.He described the response to the approach of having an “A” level team at the 9U level.He indicated there was only 1 player who chose not to participate after this team was selected.Mr. Miller indicated there was extensive outreach by him and Mr. Floegel to ensure that parents understood the rationale and approach.
Mr. Miller indicated that league directors had sent out to recreation league coaches player evaluation forms, which would be one of the data points for next year’s team selections/drafts.
Mr. Miller provided an overview of the summer American Legion program.He indicated there would be three teams (19U, 17U and 15U, as described at the last board meeting).He indicated that there were 47 participants in the American Legion program this summer.He noted the integral role that SJBB plays in securing uniforms, league registration and insurance for these teams.He indicated that the program would cost approximately $18,000, with receipts totaling approximately $15,000 (a net cost of approximately $57 per player, or $3,000 in total).He noted that several players had applied for reduced fees, given their family financial hardships.There was a discussion of the verification/approval process for these applications.
There was a discussion of the need to coordinate with the high school booster program to ensure an appropriate partnership in the sharing of this program cost whenever possible.
                  4.      Treasurer’s Report--Kaufman
Mssrs. Kaufman, Maldonado and Coburn provided an overview of the program’s insurance coverages and that the coverages were reviewed annually.   It was noted that there would be, in connection with this annual review, a presentation to the executive committee by representatives from Bollinger, the program’s current insurance broker.   It was noted that the executive committee would report back to the board after this presentation occurred.
Mr. Kaufman noted that the program had a cash balance of $147,744.42 at May 31, 2011.  He noted that there were approximately $42,000 of checks that had not yet cleared as of 5/31.  He noted that there were still approximately $58,000 of estimated outlays (including umpiring fees and town user fees).   He noted that approximately 95 percent of program registrants had fully paid their registration fees.  He indicated that the impact of clinics had not yet been included in this analysis.
He noted that he anticipated that revenue would increase (year over year) and that expenses would be close to budget (within 2 to 3 percent, even with the number of long-term investments/outlays that had occurred this year).  
Mr. Welch noted that the field conditions were considerably improved over prior years (the maintenance of which involved significant outlays this year).
There was a general discussion of the challenges associated with the planned/anticipated improvements at Memorial Field (e.g., the resistance to installing fencing).  There was a discussion of the need to improve the pitching mounds and on-deck circles at all of the Memorial Field locations.  It was noted that the DCP was behind schedule in effecting the anticipated improvements that had been discussed with them earlier this year.  
        7.   Other Business
There was a broad discussion regarding the success of efforts to encourage new and additional program/board volunteers.  There was a consensus that progress had been made, but that greater outreach needs to occur, particularly at the younger age levels. 
In this regard, there was a discussion of how financial incentives might be used as a means to encourage greater volunteer participation and reduce overall program costs (e.g., by adopting the Toms River Little League “financial bond” model—parents earn back their bond with volunteer hours, or simply donate this amount).   It was decided that this concept was worth further discussion, but that it should be postponed until a new board was elected and appointed in the fall of 2011.
The meeting was ADJOURNED at 10:05 PM.