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Summit Junior Baseball
Board of Directors Meeting---Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Meeting Minutes
In Attendance:   Maldonado, Lenz, Coburn, Shaeffer, Hoesly, Calabrese, Miller, Competiello, Pacilio, Tarashuk, Floegel, Carlson, Douglas, Kaufman, McLaughlin, Zaleski, Cohen
  1. President’s  Report--Maldonado
Mr. Maldonado began the meeting at 8:05 PM with an overview of the agenda. He congratulated and thanked Mr. Pacilio for a very successful and efficient Picture Day and Sam Coburn for all of his work related to Jefferson Field.He thanked everyone for their support and assistance with Patriots’ Night as well.
He emphasized to League Directors the need to send e-mails and make calls to coaches regarding (i) the need to make up games before the end of the regular season, (ii) summer league tryouts, and (iii) the need to adhere to the pitch count rules.
        2.   Secretary’s Report/Pitch Counts-- Lenz
Mr. Lenz presented the March 29, 2011 meeting minutes for approval.The Board unanimously APPROVED the minutes.
Mr. Lenz highlighted various requirements and interpretive issues associated with the new pitch count rules.He emphasized that the days of rest requirement does not end at the end of a given pitch count week.He pointed out that pitch count history was not available for review for longer periods of time.
He reminded coaches of the value of e-mails and follow-up calls regarding the importance of these rules, particularly where questions or issues have been raised by other coaches or parents.
         3.  Personnel—Miller/Kevin Zaleski (SHS Varsity Baseball Coach)
Mr. Miller noted the donation to SJBB of flags for Jefferson Field, which were raised last Friday.
He provided an overview of the annual sportsmanship awards and the nomination process. He encouraged league directors and board members to begin soon soliciting nominations for both team and league winners.
Mr. Zaleski provided an overview of his intention for summer 2011 travel/American Legion teams at the high school level.He described an intention to have a 19U, 17U and 15U team.Mr. Zaleski indicated a 19U team was necessary because a number of potential 2012 varsity players would have been too old to play on a 17U team.He indicated that the 17U team would consist of freshman and a few sophomores.There was a discussion of the tension between fostering win/loss success and providing the players with the most challenging (and possibly skill developing) game experience
There was also a discussion of the composition of the 15U, 14U and 13U teams.There was unanimity regarding the importance of ensuring that all players at these age levels that wanted to participate in summer baseball be allowed to play (without cuts).There was some concern expressed about field availability and potential scheduling conflicts; however, there was agreement these issues could be managed effectively.
Mr. Miller provided an overview of the status of summer registrations and the intention for teams at each age level.He indicated that there would be two 8U teams (possibly 3) in the New Providence Green League (NPGL), two (possibly 3) 9U teams (North Jersey and NPGL), two 10U teams (Central Jersey and NPGL), two 11U teams (North Jersey and NPGL), two 11U teams (North Jersey and NPGL), two 12U teams (Central Jersey and NPGL) and possibly two 13U teams (North Jersey and NPGL).There was a discussion of whether it would be better to have just one 13U team (entered in the NPGL).
Ms. McDonald provided an overview of the status of summer registrations, noting particularly high numbers at 10U.She indicated that numbers, in general, were similar to prior years.
         4.     Softball---Calabrese
No report.
6.      Treasurer’s Report--Kaufman
Mr. Kaufman provided a financial overview. He noted that the program had a cash balance of $139,036 at March 31, 2011.  He indicated that there were a number of large cash outlays in March and April 2011.  Outlays totaled approximately $39,000 in April and $7,800 in May. He indicated that the progam’s registration numbers were similar prior year.  He indicated that collected revenue was at approximately 74 percent of anticipated/budgeted revenues and that outlays were at approximately 61 percent of anticipated/budgeted outlays, to date.
He indicated that more than 600 tickets were sold for Patriot’s Night, resulting in gross revenue of approximately $7,800, offset by event expenses of approximately $4,800, netting the program approximately $3,000.
Mr. Kaufman provided an overview of the American Legion program, and associated costs.  He noted that SJBB provided financial support of approximately $5,000 for this program during 2010.     For the summer of 2011, he anticipates a cost of approximately $51 per player, for a total net cost of approximately $2,000.    There was a discussion of various ways to mitigate or reduced costs associated with the program, particularly as it relates to the reuse of uniforms (or portions thereof) from one year to the next.
        7.   Operations---Floegel
Mr. Floegel provided an overview of the anticipated parents’ survey, which will be disseminated to program parents in the near future.  He emphasized the focus of the redesign of the survey---keep it simple, constructive, positive and afford the opportunity for written comments.
He also provided an overview of the anticipated spring league recreation program playoff brackets for each age level. He indicated that he would provide an e-mail to league directors describing the anticipated playoff process. 
Mr. Floegel and Mr. Douglas provided an overview of the status of planning  for the annual Father’s Day festivities as well as for recreation league all-star games.  He indicated that food was in the works, the dunk tank had been ordered, consideration was being given to renting a radar gun (for a pitching competition) and a face painting table.    He also indicated that all-star jerseys were being coordinated as well.
Mr. Pacilio provided some additional detail regarding Father’s Day events.  He noted that food and concessions were still a work in process, that there was consideration being given for a home run derby and that the fire and police departments had been contacted about participation at the event. 
He noted that e-mails would go out soon seeking all-star team nominations and sportsmanship award nominees.   He also noted that Mayor Glatt agreed to be a dunk tank participant, but that other volunteers were needed.  He indicated that award plaques and certificates had been ordered/were in the works.
There was a discussion of the idea of including an add in the local papers thanking the program sponsors as well as a thank you post on the Summit Patch and our website.
There was a brief overview of the budgeted amounts for trophies and awards, with no concerns noted.
  1. Fields/Field Equipment---Coburn
Mr. Coburn provided an overview of the status of various field maintenance and improvement initiatives.  He noted that grass tear-up/replacement was underway at Long Field and that the parking lot was closed for 3 days.   He described issues associated with adjacent bocce court (and the need for spectators to stay off of the court).  He indicated that an e-mail would be sent to all 4th grade parents noting these issues and the need for spectators to stay off of the bocce court.  
Mr. Coburn also noted that field equipment delivery was expected within the week.  Such equipment would include pitching screens, plates and new pitching rubbers.  He noted that volunteers were needed to construct and install this equipment at various locations.
Ms. McLaughlin noted that coaches needed to continue to be vigilant about ensuring that field bins were shut and locked after each game or at the end of a day of successive games.  She noted that this was particularly an issue at the 3rd grade field.   She encouraged league directors to communicate the importance of this to their coaches.
The meeting was ADJOURNED at 10:20 PM.