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Summit Junior Baseball
Annual General Membership Meeting/Election of Certain Elected Officers---Tuesday, 10/11/2011
At  Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School
Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:  Neil Greenstein, Bob Heany, Juli Thomson, Tim Shannon, Dave Nardino, Darren Young, Lisa Parker, Terry Thompson, John Kovar, Stewart Douglas, Jeff Girr, Al Hoesly, John Calabrese, Al Leiter, Chris Wilson, Mat Carlson, Robert Competiello, David Trone, Tom Della Piazza, Drew Maldonado, John Floegel, Todd Engmann, Jeff Miller, Ike Welsh, Brian Kaufman, Scott Lenz

The meeting began with a presentation by Mr. Maldonado of certain proposed changes to the bylaws of the Summit NJ Jr. Baseball League, Inc. (“SJBB”).  Specifically, the proposed changes, as contemplated in the form of bylaws attached as Exhibit A, would (i) create an elected officer role entitled “Vice President” (into which the elected office of “Secretary” would be subsumed) and (ii) reallocate certain function responsibilities from the Director—Personnel to the Director—Operations, as contemplated in the attached Exhibit A.

After a brief discussion, these proposed changes were ADOPTED unanimously by all of the general members in attendance.
In accordance with Article XI of the SJBB bylaws, the meeting then proceeded to an election of the following elected officers: (i) Vice President, (ii) Director--Operations, (iii) Director--Softball, and (iv) one outside director.
In accordance with Article XI, Section 1 of the SJBB bylaws, the nominating committee placed into nomination the following persons for the foregoing officers’ positions: (i) Vice President—Neil Greenstein, (ii) Director--Operations---John Floegel, (iii) Director—Softball—John Calabrese, and (iv) outside director—Patty McDonald.
No other names were placed into nomination. 
After each of the aforementioned individuals had the opportunity to speak (Mr. Maldonado offered a statement on behalf of Ms. McDonald, who could not attend in person), the general members in attendance (listed above) cast their ballots.
In accordance with Article XI, Section 4  of the SJBB bylaws, the following persons were ELECTED to be elected officers of SJBB: (i) Vice President—Neil Greenstein, (ii) Director—Operations—John Floegel, (iii) Director—Softball—John Calabrese, and (iv) outside director—Patty McDonald.