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Summit Junior Baseball
Board of Directors Meeting---Tuesday,  March 29, 2011
Meeting Minutes
In Attendance:   Maldonado, Lenz, Calabrese, Douglas, Leiter, Greenstein, Competiello, Tarashuk,  Silberstein, Chang, Miller, Coburn, Hoesly, Coburn, Trone, McDonald, Carlson, McLaughlin
  1. President’s  Report--Maldonado
Mr. Maldonado began the meeting at 7:45 PM.   He congratulated and thanked Mr. Douglas for a successful series of Pizzafest evenings.   There was a discussion of the positive aspects of these events, including their time efficiency, the successful garment and other product sales, the use of seating charts at various places within the cafeteria, the provision of juice (as opposed to soda), the raffle of Yankee tickets (which raised approximately $1,700), the significant increase in donated raffle items, and the guest speakers (Lew and coaches Zaleski and Welsh). There was also a discussion of how the events could be improved in the future, with a focus on providing more direction to the 8th graders that assisted with the events, ensuring an adequate supply of pizza (there was an issue at the first Pizzafest) and ensuring that raffle items are age appropriate.
Mr. Maldonado then reminded everyone of the need for all coaches to complete coaching certification (the so-called Rutgers clinic) and background checks.  He indicated that an e-mail on this topic would be distributed shortly. 
He finished by mentioning upcoming events: (i) Mr. Springer at SHS on 3/30, (ii) the catching clinic on 4/2 and (iii) opening day on 4/11. 
        2.   Scheduling-- McDonald
Ms. McDonald provided a brief update on the status of league schedules.  She noted that schedules had been tentatively completed through the 5th/6th grade league and that the official start of games would be 4/25, with younger ages starting later.  
         3.  Secretary’s Report--Lenz
Mr. Lenz presented the March 8, 2011 meeting minutes for approval.  The Board unanimously                 APPROVED the minutes.
Mr. Lenz provided another review of the new pitch count rules, including a summary pitch count chart prepared by Mr. Coburn.  There was a discussion of (i) the need for specially “designated pitchers,” as described in the rules that had been agreed to at a prior board meeting, and (ii) the coordination of the pitch count limits between the Rec and spring travel programs.   It was noted that certain Executive Committee members thought that the specific designation of travel pitchers might not be necessary.   After much discussion, it was agreed that such designations were necessary in order to ensure an appropriate balance in the use of pitchers in the spring travel and Rec league programs.  Mr. Miller indicated that he would communicate this to all coaches.
There was a general discussion of the merits of spring travel baseball, given the conflicts occasionally created with the Rec league program.  It was noted that SJBB spring travel helped to diminish the number of accomplished players that might otherwise opt to play for club-type teams.
         4.     Softball---Calabrese
Mr. Calabrese provided an overview of the Comedy Night fundraiser, featuring Doug Karpf.  Mr. Calabrese indicated that more than 150 people were in attendance.  After expenses, he noted that approximately $7,300 was raised from the event.  He offered a special thanks to Mr. Hoesly, Ms. Parker and Ms. Montero for all of their hard work.
He indicated that the softball Pizzafest was a success as well.  Finally, he noted that there would be a softball coaches clinic conducted at Frozen Ropes in Union and that approximately $3,000 was raised from clinics that were conducted over the winter.
There was a discussion of the need for (and ideas regarding) a large SEF-type fundraising event.   It was agreed that this idea should be given further consideration at a future board meeting. 
6.      Clinics--Trone
Mr. Trone provided details regarding the catchers’ clinics to be held on 4/2 at Long and Memorial Fields.  He indicated that these clinics could support a maximum of 25 participants in each case. He emphasized the need to socialize these clinics, which were approximately 65 percent subscribed. There was a discussion of the need for gym contingency plans in the event of inclement weather.
        7.   Sponsorships---Douglas
Mr. Douglas provided an update on the status of sponsorship enrollment. He noted that approximately $24,000 was raised through sponsorships in 2010.  He indicated that approximately 8 to 10 of the 2010 sponsors had not yet paid for a 2011 sponsorship.  He indicated that he would distribute shortly an updated sponsorship request list, noting who was responsible for outstanding requests. 
He provided a brief overview of the fund raising associated with the various Pizzafests.  He noted that approximately $11,500 had been raised in total ($6.3G from donations upon admission, $3.4G from product sales and $1.7 to 1.8G from raffle items).
He indicated that Mr. Pacilio would provide an update on Patriots’ Night at the next board meeting. 
  1. Fields/Field Equipment---Coburn
Mr. Coburn provided an overview of the field preparation work that was underway for the spring season as well as details of a meeting with certain city maintenance and public works officials responsible for field maintenance.
In particular, he provided an update on the conversion of Jefferson Field to a 50/70 size diamond.   He indicated that the BOE, through Tom O’Rourke and Jack Lyness, had approved this work, which involved new sod, a rebuild mound and reconstruction necessary to correct an elevation concern raised by city officials.  He indicated that the target date for completion of the project was 4/11.
Mr. Coburn also noted that field equipment delivery was expected within the week.  Such equipment would include pitching screens, plates and new pitching rubbers.  He noted that volunteers were needed to construct and install this equipment at various locations.
  1. Umpire Clinics—McLaughlin
Ms. McLaughlin indicated that an umpiring clinic (run by Lew) was successfully completed on Sunday, 3/27.    She indicated there were a number of pitch count related questions, and that greater socialization of these rules was necessary.  Mr. Lim offered to do this through the SJBB website.   There was a discussion of whether it might be appropriate to designate a pitch count director, particularly given that these rules were being used for the first time during the 2011 season.
Ms. McLaughlin indicated that a make-up umpiring clinic would be held on Friday, 4/1.   There was a suggestion to integrate the softball umpire training program into this series of clinics.  It was agreed that this idea should be considered in the future.
  1. Wrap-up—Maldonado
Mr. Maldonado emphasized the need for volunteers at Patriots’ Night and the importance of attending the Springer clinic at SHS on Wednesday, 3/30 at 7 PM.
The meeting was ADJOURNED at 9:45 PM.