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2015 Summer Baseball Team Information--Please read entire document.  

Summit Junior Baseball will offer “2015 Summer Ball”; a competitive program for highly skilled players typically in grades 2 through 7. The program's main focus is on a competitive “Summer” season including tournaments and travel league play. Winter clinics and spring training will be included for all tournament teams.  (Spring travel baseball will remain a separate program.)
The summer travel program is an adjunct to SJBB’s Spring Recreation League program (SJBB Rec program) – it is not an alternative to it.  Therefore, all summer travel players must register for and participate in the Recreation League program.  All summer teams are formed by age and are based on the age of the player on April 30, 2015.
Generally, two summer teams are fielded at each age group. Many age groups have grown to three teams. Players are evaluated at tryouts for the selection of the “Tournament” team for each age group. Those not selected for the “Tournament” team will be placed on a “Green” team.  The tournament teams will participate in the Central or North Jersey Leagues and the “Green” teams will participate in the New Providence Green League. Both tiers of teams are considered highly competitive and require a full and serious commitment to baseball.  The number of teams at every age level will be determined by the total number of players registered, availability of coaches and consideration to each team regarding position players. The travel is usually reasonable, but to away games can be as much as 30-45 minutes.
“Tournament” team players should expect a minimum of 4 day a week commitment to the summer program from June 10th-July 30th.  Play will include winter skills training, spring training and tournament play, and summer league and tournament play, including participation in the Cal Ripken Tournament.
Cost-$450 for age groups 9U-12U with an additional $900 Fee for Cooperstown Tournament Players (only 12U).
“Green” team players should expect a minimum of 3 days a week commitment to the summer program from June 10th-July 30th. Winter training will be offer for those players who would like to participate. Play will include summer league play and one tournament for most age groups.
Cost-$225, winter training is optional and will have an additional fee.
Tryouts for Summer 2015 Tournament Teams
9U-12U tryouts will be held outdoors Sunday, October 19, 2014
Time and Place TBA specific to age group
8U and 13U tryouts will be held outdoors in April 2015

If a player wants to tryout for the 9U, 10U, 11U or 12U tournament teams, participation in the Fall evaluations are mandatory.  
Evaluations for the 2015 Tournament Teams will be held Sunday, October 19, 2014. All players must register on-line to be eligible for consideration (www.summitnjsports.com). Only players trying out for Tournament Team placement are required to attend the fall tryout.  A separate evaluation will be held for all players looking to play on a “Green League” summer team will be held in the spring 2015.
Summer Evaluation Process and Team formation Procedures: 
SJBB has retained an outside, independent professional baseball evaluators who will provide analysis of each player’s performance. Pitchers and catchers will be assessed separately as pitchers and catchers.  Volunteers consisting of current SJBB coaches and volunteers will be on hand to assist the independent evaluator with check-in and player organization. Spring recreation coaches will also submit player evaluations. After consideration of all data submitted, the Summer Travel League Committee in partnership with identified volunteer coaches from each age group, creates rosters for the summer teams.  All rosters are then submitted to the SJBB Travel Committee for approval.  All tryout and player evaluation information is kept confidential and is not available for dissemination.  
SJBB attempts to field a sufficient number of teams for each age group so that all candidates will be placed on a team. This policy is subject to external factors including a sufficient number of players and coaches.  While vacations are not out of the question, absences are discouraged. The team and players depend on each other to be there for all games and practices. Please remember that our summer tournament season lasts about six weeks.  Rosters are kept to a minimum, to maximize playing time during every game. If a player and their family are not willing to make a full-time commitment to the program, they should reconsider participation.

Sample Summer Schedule “Tournament Team”
Program Time Description
Winter Skills Training 1 day/week
Dates TBA
Indoor Skills Training
Spring Training April-June Flexible Team Training and Practice Schedules
Spring Recreational League Play April-June  
Tournament #1 Memorial Day Weekend 3 games playoffs
Summer League Play Begins June 15th
Playoffs begin 3rd week of July
15-18 League games plus playoffs.  Games- usually weekday nights but some weekend games probable.
District Tournament 1st week of July  4 pool games, then single elimination playoffs
Cooperstown (12u only) 4th week of July Week long tournament
12U Cooperstown Tournament:  At the 12u age level, the tournament teams travel and participate in a week long 50/70 tournament in Cooperstown, NY.  It is a fantastic trip and represents the culmination and reward for a lot of hard work and commitment by the players (and parents).  It is a truly memorable experience for them.  The participation and preparation for this trip includes fundraising activities.  The cost is approximately $1000 per player. The team will fundraise to cover some costs. 

Sample Summer Schedule “Green Teams”
Program Time Description
Winter Skills Training 1 day/week
Dates TBA
OPTIONAL Participation
Indoor Skills Training
Spring Recreational League Play April-June  
Summer League Play Begins June 15th
Playoffs begin 3rd week of July
12-15 League games plus playoffs. Usually weekday nights.
Tournament Dates selected by coaches 3 games