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Summit Junior Baseball

Board of Directors Meeting---Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:   Maldonado, Lenz, Carlson, Calabrese, Douglas, Leiter, Kaufman, Greenstein, Competiello, Tarashuk, Donatacci, Silberstein, Zaleski, Pacilio, Chang, Miller, Ingerman, Zusi, Coburn, Lim, Luzinski, McDonald 


President’s  Report--Maldonado

Mr. Maldonado began the meeting at 7:35 PM.   He emphasized that the board would likely meet every other week (rather than once per month) for the next couple of months, during the program’s planning season.  This will be determined on an as-needed basis. 

He indicated that it had been decided that spring evaluations would be conducted entirely on 1/29.  There was some discussion of this point.  Discussion was deferred to Mr. Miller’s presentation.

Mr. Maldonado handed out a draft “Parental Code of Conduct” for the board to consider.  He asked for board members to provide comments to him directly.  He suggested that this would be placed on the league website and distributed to parents before the beginning of the season.

He noted that all spring travel teams would be playing in the Warren league, on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays.

There was a discussion of the proposed pitch count limits (noting that there was no longer a need to overlay Cerbo league requirements), including a discussion of the more limited pitch counts during April.  There was a discussion of the importance of socializing this with league directors and coaches.   It was agreed that this should be a focus point of league director meetings.   There was also a discussion of the process for monitoring pitch counts, and the need for coaches to ensure parent involvement in this regard at every game.  Again, it was agreed that league directors should emphasize this point during their coaches’ meetings.  It was also agreed that SJBB should acquire scorebooks that readily facilitate keeping track of pitch counts.


Marketing/Purchasing-- Douglas

Mr. Douglas provided an overview of recent history regarding team sponsorships.  He noted that sponsorship revenue varied from $16G to $25G over the last five years, and that 1 or 2 people each year typically handled the process.  Mr. Douglas has taken a different approach---actively enrolling executive board and general board members to assist with soliciting team sponsors. 

He distributed a list of approximately 170 potential sponsors within the community and encouraged board members to volunteer to solicit any unclaimed potential sponsors noted on the list.  

There was a discussion of whether there was a risk that there might be too many sponsors for the number of anticipated teams.  At this point, Mr. Douglas indicated that is not a concern.   He indicated that, to date, 13 checks have been received from sponsors.  It was agreed that, when/if circumstances merit, solicitors should fully disclose that sponsorship may not involve having their organization’s name associated with a particular team.   Sponsorships are being attributed to teams on a first come/first served basis.  

Mr. Douglas noted that the sponsorship information form and application can be found on the league website—summitnjsports.com.  

Mr. Greenstein requested that registration forms not include a request for childrens’ uniform sizes, since general purchasing decisions are not based on this information.  He was concerned that it would create an expectation that could not be met.      After some discussion, it was agreed this requested information should be eliminated from the form if it is not to be used in purchasing decisions


Summit HS Varsity Coach—Zaleski

Mr. Zaleski provided an overview of the history of the use of assistant coaches at the high school over the last three seasons.  He noted that there was one paid assistant at the varsity level each year, who occasionally assisted with the JV and freshman teams.  He noted there was assistant coaching at the freshman level last year, which proved to be a big help.  He believes that this assistance has been very important to the increased success of the program over the last three years relative to the most recent years prior to his appointment to the varsity coaching position.   He noted that the program typically has between 60 to 70 kids tryout for the baseball program, and that he keeps 15 kids on each team/45 in total (freshman, JV and varsity).

There was a question raised about how many baseball assistant coaching positions are typically paid for by surrounding communities.  Mr. Zaleski indicated he believed that there was typically one paid assistant in most programs. 

There was a discussion of how assistant coaches are paid for in the context of other Summit  HS sports teams.   It was noted that the football team had 7 paid assistants and that lacrosse team assistants were funded through the Summit lacrosse club.  

There was a discussion of the role of the Summit Boosters program in this process, as well as the role of Mr. Zaleski’s baseball-specific booster program.  Mr. Zaleski indicated that he understood high school booster programs could not fund high school coaching positions.  He agreed to obtain the existing written policies and restrictions on this topic and provide them to the SJBB board.  He also indicated that the baseball-specific booster club fund raising had been used to provide new equipment, uniforms and jackets during his involvement with the program.  He indicated that much of this fund raising was done through player fund raising efforts.   

There was some discussion of the possibility of Mr. Zaleski running a summer camp as a fund raising vehicle.  Mr. Zaleski indicated there was typically little interest on the part of the players to participate in a summer baseball camp in Summit.

After some discussion, Mr. Zaleski requested that the board consider funding two assistant coaching positions for the high school program, totaling between $2,200 and $2,500.  The board agreed to consider this at a future date, after receiving information from Mr. Zaleski regarding booster program related policies, as described above.     


Mr. Miller indicated that work was continuing, under Mr. Bonomo and Mr. Donatacci’s leadership, to include coaches’ player evaluations in the formal data/spreadsheets that will be used by coaches at the recreation league drafts.  

Mr. Miller indicated that it had been decided that evaluations would be conducted for all age levels on January 29, from 4:30 PM to 8 PM (3rd through 5th grades-4:30 to 6:30/6th grade from 6 to 7/Suburban league from 6:30 to 8).  He indicated that the make-up date would be February 2nd

There was detailed discussion of these timeframes, with concern expressed regarding whether this allowed sufficient time to evaluate effectively all players, particularly given the amount of allotted time in prior years (e.g., generally two days, as opposed to just one).  Mr. Miller expressed concern regarding the ability to ensure that evaluators could participate at all sessions over more than a one-day time period.  There were alternatives discussed regarding how to manage this issue over the historic two-day period (e.g., having specific evaluators for specific age levels, rather than for all age levels, since consistency within each grade level is most important).    After considerable discussion, it was agreed that evaluations should take place over a two day period (1/29 and 1/30), with more time allocated to each specific age level.  It was also agreed that the Suburban league evaluations could be handled at a later date, given the relationship to the middle school tryout process.  The date for Suburban league evaluations remains to be determined.  

Finally, Mr. Miller noted again that all spring travel teams would participate in the Warren league, which will minimize logistical/administrative difficulties and travelling challenges, since all games are played at the same location in Warren.   Games will be played on Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday.


Ms. McDonald indicated that, to date, registrations were well ahead of schedule at all age levels.  She indicated that flyers announcing registration had been distributed through the schools and that an announcement would be included in the Independent Press and on the Summit Patch within the next week.    She also indicated that spring travel registration was now open as well, and that 17 players had registered so far.   She also noted that travel coaching applications could be obtained from the website---the deadline for application is January 25.   Finally, she noted that announcements regarding pre-season camps (run by Ike Welch and Kevin Zaleski, respectively) could now be found on the SJBB website---summitnjsports.com

 Field Operations---Coburn

Mr. Coburn mentioned that an SJBB batting cage was still in the possession of a contractor, who he has been trying to contact.  Mr. Maldonado indicated that he had been in contact with this contractor as well, and hoped to resolve the matter soon.   Finally, Mr. Coburn indicated that he was waiting to hear additional information regarding anticipated/near-term capital projects from the Department of Community Programs. 

        Treasurer’s Report---Kaufman

Mr. Kaufman indicated that the SJBB program had on deposit $64,996 at 12/31/2010, which he considered to be a reasonable cash position given anticipated/budgeted expenditures for the coming season. 

The meeting was ADJOURNED at 9:05 PM.