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SummitJunior Baseball
Board of Directors Meeting---Tuesday, 11/23/2010
Meeting Minutes--Approved

In Attendance:   McDonald, Lenz, Trone, Maldonado, Greenstein, Hoesly, Calabrese, Nardino, Chang, Fuoti, Donatacci, Silberstein, Kaufman, Competiello, Miller, Leiter, Floegel, Zaleski, Carlson, Coburn, Lim
  1. President’s Report—Maldonado
Mr. Maldonado welcomed the new board members in attendance and thanked them for their willingness to serve. He noted that they are helping to support the largest youth sports organization in Summit, serving over 1000 children.
  1. Treasurer’s Report--Kaufman
Mr. Kaufman provided a draft preliminary 2011 budget, noting that there was currently a net surplus balance of approximately $34,000.   Mr. Kaufman reviewed the major expense and revenue variances over the last two years relative to the preliminary budget.
There was a discussion of various year-to-year line item variances.  Mr. Kaufman indicated that he would be submitting for approval a more detailed budget proposal at the next full board meeting.  He encouraged everyone to provide him with any additional thoughts or questions before the next board meeting.
  1. Softball Report—Calabrese
Mr. Calabrese indicated that spring softball registration was underway.  He indicated that he had been coordinating gym/cafeteria access for softball and baseball winter clinics, evaluations, and Pizzafests with Nancy Bowkley. He provided an overview of the tentative dates for (i) Pizzafests (baseball--6 to 9 PM at SHS on 3/21, 3/22, and 3/23 and from 6 to 9 PM at LCJSMS on 3/28; softball—6 to 9 PM at SHS on 3/24), (ii) baseball evaluations (1/29 and 1/30, all day at SHS (main and auxillary gyms) and a backup date of Monday, 2/7—any gym/any time), and (iii) baseball winter clinics (12/3, 12/10, 12/17, 1/7, 1/14, 1/28, 2/4, 2/11, 2/25, 3/11, and 3/18---LCJSMS--large gym—7 to 9 PM in each case, with alternate dates of 1/21, 3/4, and 3/25---same time and place).    He indicated that he asked Ms. Bowkley for four tables (no chairs) to be provided outside the cafeteria for each of the baseball Pizzafests.
 There was a discussion of potential custodian fees associated with the use of the facilities.  Mr. Calabrese and Mr. Trone indicated that such fees would only be incurred on the weekends and after 9 PM on weekdays (i.e., no charge for Friday night clinics that finished by 9 PM).
Mr. Calabrese indicated that, depending on weather and other HS sports’ needs, these dates are potentially subject to change. There was a discussion of the need for Ms. Bowkley and/or Mr. Sandor to provide timely notice to SJBB of any change to the anticipated gym use schedule so that parents and players can be notified in advance of any relevant scheduled time.
Mr. Calabrese requested that the SHS baseball team attend the baseball Pizzafests.  Mr. Zaleski indicted that he would work to ensure that varsity players participate and that he would be in attendance as well.   There was a discussion of the possibility of the players earning community service credit for their participation.
  1. Registration Update—McDonald
Ms. McDonald indicated that baseball online registration would open on 12/1.  She noted that the registration opening would be promoted through traditional outlets (e.g., Summit Patch, SJBB website, e-mail blast, the Independent Press, etc.).  She asked for ideas for any other forums that might be used to promote registrations, including at private schools.  She encouraged board members to register their children early, in order to test the web-based registration system and its ease of use.
Ms. McDonald provided an overview of baseball registration fees for last season: K through 2nd grade--$100 and 3rd grade and up--$170.  Ms. McDonald noted that in each case these fees included the City of Summit’s $20 user fee (per participant).  Ms. McDonald sought approval for the following registration fees for the 2011 season: K through 2nd grade--$110 and 3rd grade and up--$180, a $10 increase in each case.  Ms. McDonald noted that the $10 fee increase was intended to cover anticipated Pizzafest costs, rather than charging an entrance fee for Pizzafest (i.e., players and families would be invited to Pizzafest without charge).
There was a discussion of whether this increase would be sufficient to cover actual Pizzafest costs, since multiple family members often attend with each registering player.  There was also a discussion of whether the fees should be increased an additional $10 in each case.  After much discussion, including a discussion of the fact that other youth sports organizations and recreation programs had recently imposed fee increases, as well as the current economic environment,  the Board voted to APPROVE the registration fee schedule requested by Ms. McDonald: K through 2nd grade--$110 and 3rd grade and up--$180, a $10 increase in each case for the 2011 season.
Ms. McDonald noted that the regular registration would close on 1/31/2011. From 2/1 through 2/15 late registration would be permitted, subject to a $50 per registrant late fee, regardless of whether a family was entitled to multiple-child discount.     Ms. McDonald provided an overview of the multiple child discount (families must only pay the cost of the two oldest children, plus the $20 user fee for each additional child).  It was noted that this discount should be clarified on the SJBB website.
It was noted that the Recreation league drafts would be held on 3/6/2011.
  1. Field Operations—Coburn
Mr. Coburn indicated that field and equipment winterization activity was on-going and on schedule.  There was a discussion of Mr. Coburn’s comprehensive field needs report, which provides an itemized list of field maintenance and capital needs.  Mr. Coburn indicated this report was recently discussed with relevant City of Summit employees, where it was thoughtfully received.  He indicated that this report would be discussed more extensively at a similar meeting on 12/14/2010.
In response to questions, Mr. Coburn indicated that the most pervasive field issue was the need for additional or new fencing at various locations.
    6.       Marketing/Purchasing—Douglas
Mr. Douglas provided a brief overview of the anticipated Pizzafests (dates detailed above) and emphasized the need for volunteers to make these events successful.   Mr. Douglas also discussed the possibility of/strategies for baseball apparel sales, including a website link to ordering forms before the holidays.  There was a discussion of the viability of this approach, and how orders would be gathered and priced.  No decision was made in this regard. 
Mr. Douglas noted that Patriots’ Night would be held on 5/7/2011 this year, given last year’s success with an earlier date (5/8/2010).   He noted that approximately $5,500 was raised last year (vs. approximately $2,500 the prior year).  Again, Mr. Douglas emphasized the need for volunteers in order to ensure the efficiency and success of Patriots’ Night.
Finally, Mr. Douglas noted that he was seeking volunteers to coordinate/help with sponsorship solicitations for this season.  Mr. Miller agreed to coordinate with/assist Mr. Douglas.
  1. Baseball Operations--Floegel
Mr. Floegel noted that instructional winter clinic would be held on Friday nights throughout the winter (dates indicated above).  With respect to the anticipated spring recreation schedule, Mr. Floegel indicated that he was seeking to ensure that each team would be scheduled to have at least one practice per week throughout the season.  He noted that this was intended to be responsive to the many parental and coaches’ requests for additional practice time.
  1. Pitching Rules—Leiter, Lenz, and Kaufman
Mr. Leiter provided a handout detailing proposed per game and per week pitch count limits as well as days-of-rest rules for all SJBB baseball pitchers.  The handout detailed proposed limits (and days- of-rest rules) that are age specific.  Mr. Leiter explained the rationale for pitch count (as opposed to inning) limits and the nationwide trend toward using pitch limits as a means to protect pitchers’ arms.  He described how he developed these proposed limits (and days of rest rules), which were a blend of information and recommendations from three nationally respected sources/organizations. 
Mr. Lenz provided an overview of proposed supplemental rules (provided in a handout) that are designed to deal with various process related points as well as the challenges associated with monitoring/managing limits for pitchers that may pitch on both recreation and travel teams.  The primary intention of the supplemental rules is to ensure that travel and recreation league coaches would have maximum flexibility to use a particular pitcher that may be shared by two teams, subject to the overall pitch count limits and days-of-rest rules.
Mr. Kaufman amplified the rationale for these proposals and emphasized the importance of establishing a well understood process for pitch count monitoring at each game and timely reporting of these pitch counts by coaches.   He noted there would be a great need for frequent communication and instruction regarding these rules, with league directors being the primary champions for (and monitors of) these proposed rules.
Messrs. Leiter, Lenz and Kaufman requested that the board consider these proposals and provide any feedback or additional thoughts as soon as possible. 
Although no vote was taken, and several questions were asked, there was a general consensus that this approach would be an appropriate means for helping to protect young pitchers from arm injury.
There was a brief discussion of a particular on-line tool for monitoring pitch counts that was under review and consideration by the Executive Board. 
The meeting was ADJOURNED at approximately 10 PM.