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Summit Junior Baseball

Board of Directors Meeting---Wednesday, 04/14/2010

Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:  Zusi, Lenz, Vitti-B, Vitti-R,  Douglas, Tarashuk, Schneider, McLaughlin, Fuoti, Mayes, Bonomo, Coburn, Trone, Pacilio, Calabrese, Montero, Hoesly, Carlson, Schaffer, McDonald, Aguilera


The meeting minutes from the 3/10/2010 and the 3/30/2010 Board Meetings were APPROVED, with three modifications ((i) Fuoti modification regarding middle school uniform savings estimate, (ii) Berson and Schaffer are not on the Scholarship Committee, and (iii) Mayes is not on the Finance Committee).

1.       Treasurer’s Report—Barbara Vitti

Ms. Vitti noted the Finance Committee will hold its first meeting at 7 PM on Wednesday, 4/28, before the general board meeting.

Ms. Vitti noted that there were four senior baseball applicants and 3 senior softball applicants for the annual SJBB scholarships.  There will be one baseball and one softball recipient. Ms. Vitti noted that the Scholarship Committee would work to refine and document the selection criteria in the future.  

Ms. Vitti indicated there was approximately $154,000 in cash on hand; however, there are numerous bills yet to be paid (including umpires fees—the program’s most significant expense).


2.       Marketing/Purchasing Report

Mr. Pacilio provided an update on Patriots’ Night. He indicated that sign-ups to date were very sparse.  He indicated that he and Ms. McDonald would work to disseminate a league-wide e-mail describing and marketing the event.  He indicated that league directors and coaches should be particularly focused on making sure their parents and players are aware of the evening and related festivities.   He indicated that tickets could be purchased on-line and that teams would be grouped together at the game.  Ticket pick-up will occur at the game at a table to be manned by Mssrs. Floegel and Zusi, unless special delivery arrangements are made in advance with Mr. Pacilio.    It was noted that games scheduled for 7 PM that evening needed to be rescheduled to avoid a conflict.  It was also noted that an e-mail distribution describing the event should be distributed to surrounding communities that are involved with SJBB baseball and softball programs this season, including Chatham, Madison and New Providence as well as Summit HS students.

Mr. Pacilio also described briefly plans for the annual Father’s Day Picnic, which he hopes to run in a manor more akin to the elementary school fairs.  He contrasted this with the traditional catered event of prior years.  There was a discussion of various events that might be held at the picnic, including a dunk tank, speed gun station, and an arts/crafts table.   Ms. Zusi indicated that he would look into having the clamshell at the event, so that various awards (e.g., sportsmanship awards at each age level) could be presented formally).   There was a discussion about the possibility of hosting the various league championship games on that day; however, there were numerous logistical issues raised by various board members.   Mr. Pacilio noted that there was a tremendous need for volunteers for this event.

He noted that Picture Day is scheduled for the Jefferson School gym on Saturday, April 24 and at Wilson Field (in the event of rain—Jefferson School gym) on Saturday, May 1, beginning at 9 AM in each case.   He noted that action photos would be taken of Suburban League players on May 1 at Wilson Field beginning at 11 AM.  Team time slots have been distributed to coaches.

 Mr. Fuoti described the uniform items to be purchased for the middle school baseball team, noting certain earlier year items were being used again.   New tee-shirts and three-quarter length sleeve shirts are being purchased at a cost of approximately $450.    It was noted that this was significantly less than the anticipated budget for these items.   There was discussion regarding the possibility of purchasing certain additional uniform related items for team members.

3.       Field Operations Report—Mayes

Mr. Mayes noted that Ms. McLauglin generously help arrange for the construction of bullpens at Long Field without charge.  Her contractor generously donated the manpower for this effort.  Ms. Mayes noted the construction was scheduled to occur on Monday, 4/19.  He indicated that Dreyers’ Lumber generously donated the lumber needed for the construction of a related retaining wall.   He also noted that a surplus batting cage area was going to be installed as well.

Mr. Mayes noted significant logistical problems with the dual 46 and 50 foot mounds at Long Field (pitchers on the 50 foot mound would land on the upslope of the 46 foot mound).  He indicated that Summit DCS was modifying the mounds to deal with the problem.  He noted that 46/60 play at Long would be confined to Fridays only.

Mr. Mayes also noted the relocation of the brand new Jefferson Porta-Johns to an area behind the equipment shed.  He also noted that Lincoln also received a new Porta-John, which is located close to the school building, near the back entrance.

A new fence has been installed around the regulation size/HS field at Memorial Park.  He indicated that a fence for Wilson Field would be completed as well, after additional fencing materials are received (some of the Wilson fencing material had to be used to complete the Memorial Field fence).

There is a golf cart now located at Memorial Field in the newly constructed shed.  A trench necessary for wiring to the shed has also been completed as well.  This will allow the electric golf cart to be recharged at the shed.

Mr. Mayes noted in particular that Summit DCS has maintaining/grooming responsibility for Wilson Field, but that DCP resources support all town fields.  The possibility of purchasing a tractor for use at Wilson Field was also discussed.  It was noted that an appropriate tractor would likely cost between $1,000 to $12,000.  Mr. Calabrese agreed that he would look into a more precise estimate for a tractor.

Mr. Mayes noted there is a need for bleachers at Franklin Field, which will be located on the third base side of the field.  He also noted that various trees surrounding the field needed to be trimmed.

Mr. Mayes also noted that tarps had now been mounted on the Lincoln School backstop, thanks to the generous donation of time and materials by Charlie Cusamano.  He noted that various trees surrounding the Lincoln field needed to be trimmed as well.

Drying agent has been stocked at all fields.  Mr. Mayes noted the importance of providing him with advance notice as drying agent is depleted, since it takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to receive an order of quality drying agent.

There are numerous nets available at Jefferson that can be used for hitting practice purposes.  These nets can be relocated to other fields.

Mr. Mayes reviewed briefly the anticipated Summit DCS field maintenance schedule (every Saturday morning and on an as needed basis during the week—let Mr. Mayes know of any issues regarding field maintenance).

Mr. Mayes noted that given the size of the Wilson Field complex, there is often extra space available for modified practices (as well as the batting cage on site).  League directors should publicize this with their coaches.

One size fits all keys for all field bins/sheds are available.  There is a supply of these keys in the equipment shed at Jefferson Field.  Coaches should speak to Mr. Mayes or Schaffer about obtaining a key if they do not have one.

In response to questions, Mr. Mayes indicated that he would ensure that there were first aid kits available at all locations (he thought there were) and that he would look into whether greater vehicle access limitations might be installed at Wilson Field, given the issue with a vehicle driving on the field (and the new mound) earlier this winter.

4.       Baseball Operations Report—Floegel

Mr. Floegel thanked Ms. McLaughlin, Ms. Schneider and Ms. McDonald for all of their work in completing the schedules for all of the various leagues.    He noted that the summer schedule planning was underway and that the Summer Committee was planning to hold a meeting on  4/20.  Summer coaching applications were still being solicited and received.  Player registration will open on 4/19.

Summer league tryouts/evaluations will be held on Sunday, May 2 and Monday, May 3.  Mr. Welsh and Mr. Cohen will run these tryouts, consistent with last year. Players eligible for play on the regulation size field will tryout at Wilson Field.    Details will be posted on the SJBB website (summitnjsports.com). 

There were numerous questions and discussions regarding Legion and Green league logistics as well as the pros and cons of 46/60 vs. 50/70 play at the 11U level.  It was agreed that more information regarding the intention of surrounding communities at the 11U level was needed before a final decision could be made.  Mr. Zusi noted that any parental or coach feedback should be provided to Mr. Floegel or other Summer Committee members (Kaufman, Lenz, Mayes, McDonald, Douglas).

  1. Equipment Report--Schaffer     

Equipment has been distributed to all coaches (with a couple of exceptions).  Let Mr. Schaffer know about any equipment quality, replacement or repair issues.   Mr. Schaffer is planning  “The Shed is Open Night” later this season for coaches to obtain any additional equipment (including baseballs) that they may need as the season progresses.  This will be announced in advance to coaches. 

Mr. Schaffer noted that numerous coaches were already requesting additional boxes of new balls.  There was a discussion of how new baseballs were to be used (only for game play) and that there was a need to disseminate guidelines to the coaches on this point.   It was noted that new baseballs were the most significant annual equipment purchase.  There was a discussion regarding the quality of Diamond baseballs and whether they met applicable size requirements at all age levels.  It was noted that these baseballs had been rejected by an umpire at a spring travel game for one of the younger age groups. 

  1. Baseball Personnel/Clinics Update—Kaufman

Mr. Kaufman noted that the catchers’ clinics would be held this weekend.  He indicated that the clinic for the younger boys was full and that the clinic for older boys still had openings.  Softball girls were being combined with a second group of younger boys.  Mr. Kaufman emphasized the importance of advertising this coaches, players and parents and that it was expected that each team would send at least one coach to the coaches’ catching clinic at 8 AM on Sunday morning, 4/18.