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Summit Junior Baseball

Board of Directors Meeting---Wednesday, 03/30/2010  

Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:  Zusi, Lenz, Vitti-B, Vitti-R,  Berson, Tarashuk, Hoesly, McLaughlin, Calabrese, Bonomo, Melendez, Fuoti, Donatacci, McDonald, Kaufman, Trone and Aguilera

1.       Pizzafest Financial Results Overview---Barbara Vitti

Ms. Vitti provided a chart comparing revenues and expenses for prior year Pizzafests to 2010.  In 2010, there was gross revenue of approximately $11,300, resulting in a net return of approximately $7,100.  This net was approximately $1,300 higher than 2009 and $2,000 higher than budget.  Although it was universally agreed that the baseball Pizzafests were a great success, everyone acknowledged that the unique approach and format for the softball pizzafest was particularly well received.

2.       Softball--Calabrese

Mr. Calabrese indicated that the golf cart was now able to fit in the Memorial shed, but that electrical access at the shed still needed to be provided.  Al H talked to Angelo about this issue.  There is an open question about who was responsible for the expense of digging the trench necessary to complete the wiring process.   Angelo is expected to provide a detailed estimate in that regard.  

Mr. Calabrese requested that SJBB fund the cost of a summer HS travel team (grades 9 through 12), which would participate in four separate tournaments.  Mr. Calabrese discussed the needs of such a team with the HS softball coach.  He indicated that such a team would cost approximately $3,000 to $4,000.  A detailed discussion ensued.  The discussion focused on: (i) the possibility of player fundraising, (ii) parently co-support, and (iii) the possibility of participating in fewer tournaments to reduce the cost.   Mr. Calabrese will come back to the board with a more detailed proposal after taking account of this discussion.

Mr. Hoesly provided a brief overview of the status of the scheduling process, which he is coordinating with Ms. McDonald.


3.       Marketing/Purchasing—Fuoti

Mr. Fuoti noted that all Pizzafest pizza providers sponsored teams this year, including Randazzo’s, which apparently had never been approached about sponsoring a team.

Mr. Fuoti discussed website/electronic advertising revenue alternatives, including rotating webpage sponsorhip and the possibility of e-mail sponsorships.  He noted the latter is not yet possible, but that we are progressing.   There was a discussion regarding the need to ensure that adequate backing up of the website was occurring on a regular basis, particularly since SJBB’s webhosting costs are only about $170 per year.

Mr. Fuoti noted that there were 68 paid sponsors to date (more than 70 were finally expected).  He indicated that each sponsor would be provided a team plaque.  He encouraged everyone to support SJBBs’ team sponsors, particularly the coaches and league directors. 

There was a discussion of the status of the possibility of advertising banners at Jefferson Field. Although nothing has been finally determined, it was noted that the JeffersonSchool principal and the Jefferson School PTO were opposed to this idea.  The topic was to be taken up again at a Board of Ed meeting in mid-April, after an earlier decision to defer discussion at the March meeting.

The issue of pants size issues at various ages was discussed.  League directors and coaches should inform parents that they can exchange their new pants at Thompson’s for a more appropriate size.  

Mr. Fuoti indicated that SJBB was able to fulfill many of the Middle School uniform needs from surplus uniforms from prior years.  He expected that, even after the cost of required/newly ordered uniform components, savings could be as high as $2,000.  It was noted that registration fee collection for Middle School team participants still needs to occur. 


4.       Registrations—McDonald

Ms. McDonald indicated that teams for grades K through 4 were completed and posted on the website and the Suburban League schedules were in the works. 

Picture Day time-slot assignments were being developed.  She noted there were some issues associated with processing credit card transactions for the coaches’ background check fee, but that these were being worked out with the background check vendor. 


5.       Parents’ Advisory Committee-Berson

Ms. Berson indicated she was receiving a great deal of positive feedback from parents so far.  She encouraged everyone to continue to actively recruit committee participants, to communicate positively and quickly to parental questions and concerns.  She noted that there was clearly a believe among parents that coach responsiveness was improved so far this year.

She identified a need to improve the ability of parents to volunteer to coach and serve in other capacities as part of the player registration process.  Basically it was agreed that more information needed to be obtained in that regard as part of the player registration process.

She indicated the Committee planned to seek parental input on coaches more actively during the course of the season.  A lengthy discussion ensued.  It was agreed that the Parents’ Committee needs to appropriately balance the need to support our coaches and the exercise of their discretion as coaches and the need to ensure that coaches are living up to the program’s expectations on a regular basis.   This feedback could be used in the coaching evaluation process each year.

She indicated there had been questions about how best to notify coaches about player medical issues.  It was agreed that were was a place for this information on the registration form.  It was also agreed that league directors should proactively encourage coaches to ask parents about such issues.

She indicated greater emphasis needed to be placed on making players responsible for field clean-up and ensuring that players develop a sense of ownership for their facilities and equipment.

Summer Travel--Kaufman     

A request for head coaching volunteers will be disseminated shortly. Summer league meeting are starting. Mr. Kaufman emphasized the importance of attending these meetings and maintaining good relations with these various programs.
Ms. Vitti agreed to coordinate the HS legion program.  There was a discussion of how many legion teams should be sponsored.  There was a developing consensus that two teams (each with a fairly large roster) was probably best, although Ms. Vitti agreed to explore this further.  It also remains to be determined at which age level teams should be entered.  Mr. Zusi indicated that he would reach out to Chris George advising him of SJBB’s plans on this front.    A brief discussion followed.   Questions were raised about the appropriate role for SJBB in the context of the legion program generally.
Mr. Douglas indicated that, in the event of rain, summer evaluations would be held indoors at Summit HS from 9 AM to 2 PM.  The make-up rain date is May 4 from 6 to 9 PM.  Mr. Kaufman encouraged everyone to continue to promote the catcher’s clinic that is scheduled for mid-April (17 and 18).

Operations—Umpires—Ms. McLaughlin

There are 37 volunteer youth umpires.  They will be paid $20 per game.  There was a discussion of the need for even more training and mentorship of these young umpires.  Ms. McLaughlin indicated that older umpires would generally be used for the higher ages.  There was a discussion of the feasibility of arranging for 2 umpires at Suburban League games as well as older SJBB age levels.  Given budgetary constraints, there was agreement this was not a viable alternative this year.  It was noted that SJBB currently spends approximately $38,000 annually on umpire fees. Dave Bonomo (2nd grade league director) discussed the tremendous desire for coach training and support, particularly among younger coaches.  Vince Donatacci will attend the league coaches’ meetings whenever possible for purpose of providing insight on training resources that are available (e.g., the Ripken website) and skills that should be emphasized at each age level. Mr. Bonomo requested permission to acquire a pitching machine at a cost of approximately $200.  The machine will be used, particularly early in the season, as the designated pitcher for 2nd grade games at Franklin as well as a tool during practice.  This request was APPROVED.

8.     Other Business
Mr. Kaufman recommended that it be made clear to parents that 9th grade players that do not make the HS freshman team are eligible to play in the Suburban League.  Carlos Aguilera is to prepare a note regarding this point for distribution by Patty McDonald.

Rain Hotline---there was a discussion of whether publication of rainouts should be handled entirely through the website and electronic communications.  After much discussion, it was agreed that the phone hotline should continue to be maintained, particularly since many families do not have regular access to electronic means of communication.  The current cost of the hotline is approximately $600 annually.  It was agreed that one person needs to be responsible for maintaining and updating the Hotline---TBD at a future meeting