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Summit Junior Baseball
Board of Directors Meeting---Wednesday, 03/10/2010
Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Zusi, Maldonado, Griffith, Aguilera, Coburn, Luciani, Lim, Hoesly, Floegel, Douglas, Kaufman, Calabrese, Schaffer, McDonald, Lenz, Barbara Vitti, Rob Vitti, Pacilio, Schneider, McLaughlin, Carlson, Tarashuk and Guida
The meeting minutes from the 2/24/2010 and the 1/13/2010 Board Meetings were APPROVED.
1.       President’s Report--Zusi

Mr. Zusi presented for approval the concept of annual Sportsmanship Awards, as described in a distributed outline. After discussion, it was AGREED that each team would have an award recipient (selected by the Head Coach in each case) and each league would have a recipient, selected from among the team winners in each league. It remains to be determined what the award for each recipient will be; however, it was agreed that the team awards should be relatively modest (e.g., certificates), given cost constraints and the large number of teams.
Mr. Zusi noted the generous Sunday afternoon work of Rick Kanaley and others with special needs children interested in playing baseball. He encouraged anyone interested in helping to attend these sessions, which run from approximately 2 to 4 PM on Sundays.
Mr. Zusi described the progress of Ms. Berson’s Parents’ Advisory Committee. He encouraged everyone to promote the Committee and its role and also to recruit members whenever possible.
Mr. Zusi described the mandatory background check for coaches this season. The background check will apply to the head coach and any assistant coaches.   Each coach will be responsible for paying the background check fee (approximately $25). A web-link to the company performing these background checks will be provided shortly to all coaches.
Mr. Zusi noted that the YMCA was going to be conducting the baseball equivalent of the NFL Punt, Pass and Kick competition. Contact the YMCA for more information.
2.       Treasurer’s Report—Barbara Vitti

Ms. Vitti provided an overview of the financial forecast for SJBB for the 2010 year. She estimated, on a preliminary and conservative basis, that revenues and expenses would be about even for the year (typically there is a small surplus).   She noted that the surplus had declined during 2009 due to several significant field improvement projects totaling approximately $17,000.
Following the presentation, there was a discussion of several points, including (i) umpiring fees, (ii) field maintenance costs (there was description of the field care support the city provides (generally twice per week), (iii) user fees (noting that SJBB was tentatively expecting to receive from the city approximately $12,500 of user fees to be used on SJBB priority projects), and (iv) anticipated revenues from merchandise sales.
It was agreed that there should be finance committee to support Mr. Vitti’s periodic analysis and projections. Mssrs. Luciani, Zusi, Lenz, Mayes and Ms. McLaughlin volunteered to participate.
It was also agreed that a scholarship committee (to select the annual recipients of SJBB scholarships from among eligible HS senior applicants) should be formed in the near future.
3.       Marketing/Purchasing—Fuoti

Mr. Pacilio provided an overview of the various plans and needs for the Pizzafests. He indicated that coaches would be provided with a folder of to-dos, that uniforms would be distributed in the hallway, and that a league player list would be provided at the front desk as players entered the Pizzafest location.   He described the items to be distributed through a raffle ticket drawing (a raffle ticket would be provided to each entrant). He also emphasized the need to advertise and promote these events as well as the need for coaches to volunteer with set-up and clean-up.
Mr. Pacilio also provided an overview of the status of Patriot’s Night. He indicated that a flyer would be distributed shortly, that the event would be publicized on the website, that attendees would be able to purchase tickets through the SJBB website.   He requested that board members actively solicit parental support and assistance with the event.
Mr. Griffith provided and overview of the status of sponsorships. He indicated that there were 52 to 53 obtained to date, which is slightly ahead of last year’s total.
Mr. Greenstein indicated that uniforms would be ready for distribution at the Pizzafests.
Mr. Shaffer provided an update regarding equipment purchases. He indicated that there were new locks placed on all sheds. He indicated that equipment would be distributed by grade at certain set weekend times and that coaches would be required to sign an inventory checklist and form acknowledging their responsibility for returning equipment intact and in good working order. He noted that an e-mail communication regarding these details would be distributed shortly to all coaches and league directors.
4.       Registrations—McDonald

Ms. McDonald indicated that teams for grades 3 through 6 were complete and would be distributed shortly.   She encouraged all board members to encourage greater use of the SJBB website, which has been enhanced significantly (in terms of user friendliness) over prior years.
She indicated that the Al Leiter pitching clinic was now closed to new registrants. The clinic will run for 2.5 hours for grades 4 through 8. 
Ms. McDonald provided an overview of the new coaches’ screening/criminal background check process. There will be a web-link to the vendor providing the background checks. Although coaches will be required to pay for this process (approximately $25), if it has been completed through other town athletic programs, this will be satisfactory for SJBB as well. The background check is good for 3 years.   There was a discussion of whether SJBB should pay for this process. Given that (i) league fees had already been established, (ii) this was a late mandate, after fees had been set, and (iii) SJBB has many more coaches than most town athletic programs, it was agreed that coaches should be responsible for the cost of this process. It was agreed that any issues and related information with respect to these background checks would initially flow only to Mr. Zusi and the impacted coaching applicant.
It was noted that the catcher’s clinics werescheduled for April 17 and 18. Coaches can participate for free. Cost is $80 per catcher. Coaches are encouraged to have at least one catcher enroll in the clinic.
5.       Parents’ Advisory Committee-Berson

Ms. Berson indicated she was looking for committee volunteers for K, 1st , and 4th grade.
6.       Softball--Calabrese

Mr. Calabrese indicated that equipment would be distributed at the 3/18 coaches meeting. He also indicated that coaches would receive new written philosophy statements and guidelines for each age level. He indicated that softball pitching rules were still a work in process. He noted that there were 193 registrants to date (42 more than in 2009) . He indicated that there was a real need for more field access, given the increased number of registrants.


Mr. Kaufman provided an overview of the recently completed league drafts, noting in particular the excellent work of Mr. Douglas and the league directors that supported the process at each level. He indicated that most of the drafts were completed in less than an hour.

Field Operations-Mayes

Mr. Mayes noted that fields were not yet available for use due to the extremely wet weather conditions in recent weeks. He indicated that fields could not be used until Mark Ozoroski at the Department of Community Programs provides clearance.  He provided an overview of the rainout declaration process. He indicated that Mr. Setulsky would evaluate field conditions on relevant days and provide a recommendation. In the event of cancellations, notification will be provided through the phone hotline and the website.He indicated that (i) the field champions had restocked the bins at each field with necessary field maintenance materials and equipment, (ii) scoreboards for Memorial and Wilson had been ordered, and (iii) the batting cage at Memorial would be refurbished.He described a proposal to create a pitching bullpen behind the shed at Long Field. He indicated this project was estimated to cost approximately $6,500. He indicted there would be both 46 and 50 foot mounds. There was a discussion of whether the cost could be reduced, with the objective of completing the project for approximately $5,000. More cost estimation work was necessary before the proposal could be formally considered. He provided an overviewed of drainage issues and remediation strategies at Memorial and Long Fields as well as Jefferson Field drainage and backstop issues. He indicated that recycling bins would be provided at each field and that the Jefferson Field port-a-johns would be located to a more convenient location. He also discussed the electrical work necessary at the Memorial Field shed (Al Hoesly would help with this). There was also a discussion of the feasibility of acquiring lightening detectors at all fields. It was agreed that this should be explored further, given the relatively modest cost of such detectors in many cases.


Umpires---Mr. Luciani is handling for the Suburban League and Ms. McLaughlin for all other ages. Ms. McLaughlin emphasized that there would be a zero tolerance policy regarding any type of verbal abuse or heckling of umpires.   She encouraged all league directors and board members to emphasize this in their discussions with parents and coaches. Mr. Floegel indicated that the various clinics had been oversubscribed and a great success to date. He also noted that field space was going to be very tight this year and that an advance dialogue with the DCP and other city constituencies well in advance of the season next year will be necessary to improve field access next year. In that regard, there was a discussion of the various interfaces with the city and the DCP regarding field access and related issues. It was agreed that there should be a single point of contact for each relevant area: (i) scheduling—Floegel, (ii) field maintenance—Mayes and (iii) with respect to city departments and board of education representatives—Zusi. Concern was expressed regarding the need to ensure, in particular, that the DCP and the city were consistent in fulfilling their commitments with respect to Lincoln and Franklin fields. It was agreed that Greg should confirm with Mark O, the DCP’s/city’s responsibilities in that regard. There was a discussion of the Suburban League draft, and the need to wait for the completion of the middle school tryout process before completing the draft. March 19 was expected to be the final tryout day. It is expected that the draft will be held on Saturday, March 20 at the Rec Center. The summer travel evaluation process was discussed briefly. There is continuing uncertainty regarding the ability to hold these evaluations indoors if rain is an issue. Zusi to discuss this with Mike Sandor. It was agreed that Ike Welsh and Larry Cohen should coordinate this evaluation process again.

Summer Tournament—Luciani

Mr. Luciani outlined details and issues associated with hosting a summer weekend tournament at various ages here in town over two consecutive weekends in mid-July. Mr. Luciani described a tournament process that would involve town all-star teams (not select club teams). He suggested that we start with a tournament at the 14U and possibly 13U levels. Softball indicated an interested in hosting a tournament for 12Us.   Mr. Luciani volunteered to coordinate a 14U tournament. A detailed discuss ensued. Concern was expressed regarding (i) the ability to attract volunteers to run the tournaments, (ii) field access, (iii) conflict with Ripken and other summer travel leagues, and (iv) cost.   It was agreed that Mr. Luciani should develop a more detailed proposal for a 14U tournament, including more specific estimates of cost, scheduling format, timing and age levels.   Consideration of hosting tournaments at other age levels was deferred for future consideration