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SJBB Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

April 22, 2009






Attending: Rich Apostolik, Joe Wagner,  Barbara Vitti, Al Hoesly, Brian Kaufman, John Flogel, Gretchen Masterfano, Chris George, Scott Haines, Greg Mayes, Vince Donatacci, Carol Abruzzo, Patty Campanelli, Michael Wills, Patty McDonald, Mike Fuoti, Julie Fuoti, Ann Zanelli, Joe Abruzzo, Tony Acetelli,



I.                    8:13 PM  Review Minutes from April 1, 2009.  There were no substantive changes.

II.                  General Discussion regarding the registration issues of one family.  As part of this discussion, a number of other, broader issues were raised, in excess of a dozen people expressed views & asked questions.  At the conclusion of the meeting – John Flogel made a motion, and Greg Mayes seconded, to have the board vote on/to: 

1. Re-affirm the League policy that in order for any player to participate in any SJBB program, the child must be registered & participating in the regular spring program.   (100% voted in favor).

2.  An affirmation that the Spring Travel Committee (Flogel, Donatacci, McDonald & Aguilera) committed to doing what they could to get a new child assigned to a Spring Travel team if one came forward  (100% in favor). 

3. Allow Chris Zanelli (only) to participate in the Spring Travel program (there were 11 Board members voting in favor –     motion passed).  

III.                 Recording Secretary: Keith Zusi appointed – there were no objections.

IV.                 Review of Financials – Treasurer went through our numbers.   See his report for details.

V.                   Summer Program Review – John Flogel. 

a.       Tryout date May 17 (dets on website)

b.       Discussed process for tryouts including reviews of regular season coaches & evaluations.

c.        Discussed field size & requirements.

d.       General discussion abt cuts for the teams, need for increased scrutiny & assessments to create even teams.

VI.                 Purchasing: No Report

VII.               Girls Softball – HS team requested SJBB donate food for an event, ~cost $180.  There were no objections.

VIII.             Field Renovation Projects – Sprinklers at Jeff. Done.           

IX.               Catchers Clinic/Coaches Clinic: ~40 children participated, went very well, high praise Mr. Kaufman.

X.                 Other Biz:  KZ will call Rick Wolf about coming to speak in Summit for our league & surrounding towns. 



~ 10:15 PM Meeting Adjourned