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SJBB Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2009






Attending: Rich Apostolik, Joe Wagner, John Flogel, Gretchen Masterfano, Scott Haines, Greg Mayes, Suzie Montero, Russ Fries, Ed Casey, Tom Brown, Andy Luciani, scott lenz,



I.                    8:15 PM  Review Minutes from May 27, 2009.  There were no substantive changes – SM motion, KZ 2ond - minutes approved.



II.                  Review Financials: JW read over balances, summary - ~$76k in checking acct currently, we owe ~$20k in user fees leaving ~$56k

available.  JW est. that the league would have a surplus of  no more than ~$4k  at the end of the Summer season vs. ~$35k in 2008.    This estimate is compared to $15k from our meeting three weeks ago.  We are running very tight this year, especially due to the poor response to the Patriots game fundraiser.  DON’T SPEND ANY MONEY WE DON’T HAVE TO. 


III.               Patriots Night: ~800 tkts sold.  Rain date is july 2


IV.                Playoff Schedule – no real update


V.                  Scholarships:  Tim Kane & Melissa Scott are the 2009 recipiants - ($1k each) for this year. 


VI.                Father’s Day Picnic – Need volunteers to show up the morning of the event to help set up.  Food served from 11-3:00.  All-star games start at 9:00am 


VII.             50 – 70 Program Update: Rich & Chris will continue to run with/develop this program for SJBB.  This will include working with the other towns summit will play to est. a schedule, rules, etc.  Long Field is being re-configured to the 50/70 configuration at a cost of ~$2,500.  Rich discussed this and asked if there were any objections – there were none.   Further updates to follow. 


VIII.           Other items: Trophies – Joe has them – contact him to arrange pick up. 







~ 9:45 PM Meeting Adjourned