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SJBB Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

July 22, 2009




Attending: Rich Apostolik, Greg Mayes, Dorothy Butler, Ed Casey, scott lenz, zusi, Hosley, vitti, Montero, Floegel, McDonald, Sam Coburn,



I.                    8:15 PM  Review Minutes from June 10, 2009.  There were no changes


II.                  Fall Ball – Rich will email board asking for volunteers.  There are no try outs – very informal.  No new uniforms to order – use the old ones.  Patty will do registrations. 


III.               Transition Committee: Hosting a coach forum next Tuesday to inform & solicit input/help going forward. 


IV.                Bylaws – General discussion, Committee took notes & comments.  Deadline for comments from the Board is Aug. 12.  After that, the Committee will meet, go through any and all comments & post the Draft to the Website for the entire membership to review & comment.  See attached proposed Calendar for an out line of action items & deadlines leading up to the annual meeting on the 30th of Sept.  


V.                  Misc.  items:  Getting new shed for Memorial Field – co. sent us the wrong size, old one being sold to Summit Football.




NEXT Board meeting NOT SCHEDULED yet.   





~ 9:20 PM Meeting Adjourned