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Summit Jr. Baseball and Softball Board of Directors Meeting

February 24, 2016

8PM Rec Center


Minutes from January meeting approved

Treasurer’s Report – Arjun Murti

  • Revenues are up due to increased sponsorships
  • Donations have also been running a bit ahead
  • Patrick Nicholson provided a generous donation as part of the McGraw Hill Matching Fund
  • IRS waived penalty fee
  • People have been asking before they’ve been spending which is exactly what needs to happen
  • Auditor completed audit and Arjun provided link to that audit
  • 1099 have been issued to all paid coaches
  • Still early on the spending front, so caution is urged
  • Arjun provided updated budget via a Treasurer’s Report in Board Meeting
  • Uniforms are on track to be below what is slated in the budget
  • A review was done if workers compensation was needed; Does seem like workers compensation is indeed needed; premium is $1900 and Executive Board voted to move forward with this
  • Website has been bought by Sports Illustrated Play; There is a question if we want to stick with SI Play platform
  • Treasurer presented a written report of the budget at the Board Meeting

Registration Updates – Wendy and Dan Barber

  • 606 registered people
  • Up 18 in T-ball vs. last year
  • Historically, the 1st and 2nd grade have registered late; tend to get them after pizzafest
  • Softball is up 6 people from last year (March 21,22,24,28)


Marketing & Purchasing Report – Chris Zotti

  • Sponsorship Updates – 75 sponsors; working to get 1 more sponsor that all teams will be sponsored
  • 21 gold sponsorships (banner)
  • Special T’s will do the printing; collecting Jpegs from everybody
  • $105/banner but discount will be applied
  • Names will be put on web site and will be included in social media


Fundraising Update

  • Ike’s kids bagged groceries and made $960 in early February
  • 50/50 – everything has been filed; approval should come any day and then tickets can be sold; this year the ticket cost will be $50
  • Elks Party  - May 6th


Uniforms – Matt Demm

  • Major league team colors are similar to one another
  • For next year, may deviate from major league uniforms
  • The Barbers will run a report to let Matt know who needs uniforms
  • The maroon color is changing for next summer, so it’s possible that as of next summer, some teams will have to purchase uniforms; Board discussed possibility of having uniforms returned from previous years to reuse them



  • Pizza Fest – March 21,22, 24,28
  • Photo Day is on April 30th. Will be at Jefferson


Director of Operations – Dan Reddy

  • Baseball 3-6 grade evaluations went well; had 75 volunteers


Draft Preparation

  • Dan Reddy has been compiling evaluation information
  • Draft preparation is going well


Umpire Program

  • 14 new 7th graders
  • 14 returning 8th graders
  • 7-8 9th/10th graders
  • Would like girls to start by training in the field
  • Boys training has been set up on 3/20 with Lou and 3/23 with Sam Coburn
  • Need to get rule books printed


Director of Personnel – John Flack

  • Need 5th and 6th grade coach
  • League Directors have all been identified; meeting will be scheduled
  • Inquire if Sam Coburn can run a separate training
  • Draft 3-6 on 2/28
  • 12 t-ball coaches – cut games to an hour
  • 8 teams 1st & 2nd grade
  • 7 for 3rd grade
  • 6 for 4th grade
  • 10 for 5/6th
  • Tournament teams have been practicing
  • Rutgers certification date – TBD
  • Spring B League (travel) – allowing the 6th graders to do green league
  • Designated pitchers need to be identified for the draft
  • Coaches meeting from Ballplayers Edge went well
  • 3rd grade travel – 1 pitcher/inning and no more than 20 pitches/player; John will have to keep in close touch with rec teams to ensure kids don’t go over pitch counts


Field Update – Jack Hellings

  • Yellow covering will go over chain link fence at Long
  • Fence area at Jefferson needs to be redeveloped
  • 2nd grade field Franklin – sunshine is right in pitchers eyes; look into tarp



  • 250 girls (record number)
  • Teams are set
  • Coaches meeting 3/10 at Knights of Columbus (rules will be given out)
  • Uniforms have been ordered
  • Roll-a-Pair is training program run by high school


New Business

  • Typically have financial support varsity with assistant coaches
  • We are funding this position for $7200
  • This is not accounted for the budget right now
  • Board voted and did not approve the funding of the assistant coach
  • Pitching machine at Jefferson needs to be replaced - $2500
  • Board voted and approved the pitching machine