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Summit Jr. Baseball and Softball Board of Directors Meeting

December 15, 2015

8PM Rec Center


Minutes from November meeting approved


Registration update:

  • Strong start: 83 people signed up for softball; 190 signed up for baseball; 43 for t-ball

  • Registration signs have been posted around town

  • Will speak to superintendent about posting notices on elementary school website(s)


Finance update:

  • Moving to QuickBooks

  • Biggest opportunity for revenue is a successful 50/50; license for that fundraiser needs to be renewed every two years

  • The many fixed costs to run both baseball and softball were reviewed including Insurance, audit, field maintenance, registration scholarships, high school senior scholarships, utilities, championship weekend, uniforms

  • Budget discussion to continue at next board meeting and b

  • The hope is to reduce some ongoing fixed costs by 20% for these large ticket expenses by bidding them out to various vendors.

    • New equipment quotes

    • New insurance quotes

    • New uniform quotes

  • Equipment needs:  Baseballs/Softballs foreseen to be the only necessary purchases 



50/50 Update:

  • Ticket price will be $50 each this year (vs. $100/tix last year); winner will be chosen June 18 (championship weekend) 



    Softball Update:

  • Softball clinics:  Frozen Ropes hosting grades 1-4 & 5-8

  • Extra Innings offered two free hours for 12/19 for hitting

  • Pitching clinics to be forthcoming 

  • Field space:  fix up/utilize lower HS field 

  • Umpires for Softball:  piloting 7th & 8th grade softball players to umpire 3rd & 4th grade girls.  Must install an ABSOLUTE NO TOLLERANCE policy with umpires 



    Fields/Project Updates

  • Water to Memorial/Jefferson field upgrade to infield and dugout areas 



    Upcoming events/items for continued discussion:

  • Pizza fest:  continue or discontinue the current format

  • Championship weekend:  Get sponsors for various stations (Dunk Tank, Games, Food…) 

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods:  offering to build website for one-stop-shopping (registration, uniforms, equip); to be revisited in July/Aug 


    Season start date:

  • March 28:  if the weather is agreeable, practices to begin for two weeks;

  • Open the season the week after Spring Break (Apr 18th)