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Summit Jr. Baseball and Softball Board of Directors Meeting

January 19, 2016

8PM Rec Center


Minutes from December meeting approved

Registration update:

  • 621 registrants to date; Softball – 189 registrants; Baseball – 430 registrants; T-ball registration is ahead of previous years

  • Prices increase as of 2/1/16; Reminder will go out about this date

  • Reminder email blasts were in all outbound communications from all elementary schools

  • After registration closes, board will discuss process of standardizing process of verifying those families who ask for scholarships

Softball update:

  • Clinics started the week of 1/11 at Frozen Ropes

  • Meetings with Chatham/Madison and will have 12 games this year vs. 10 games last year (6 week session, 2 games/week)

  • Pitching clinic – 24 girls enrolled (large % of girls enrolled are interested in pitching)

Finance update:

  • Reviewed principles:

  • Spring Rec. revenues should match costs + SJBS overhead

  • Travel baseball and softball should be, at a minimum, self-funding

  • Fundraiser and 50/50 raffle are means to supplement revenues primarily for special projects

  • Treasurer will prepare ‘line item’ budgets ahead of key spending items

  • Treasurer, President, and other Exec Board members will regularly confirm players/sponsors are current on payments owed SJBS

  • 25 sponsors have been secured

  • Sub-committee will be formed to look into workers comp insurance

  • Board of Directors will now approve all paid coaches; coach travel costs will now be absorbed by travel teams

  • Motion to eliminate the Verizon land line; field updates will be provided on SJBS website by Jack Hellings in lieu of land line

  • Reminder that any invoice $2500+ needs Board of Director approval

  • Responsible people of various events should be only people approving payments for those specific events (ie, people running the fundraiser should be aware of all expenses incurred against the fundraiser and should be accounting for that)

  • Vote was cast to approve budget; Board approved 2016 SJBS budget; the only part of the budget that as not approved is the workers comp insurance which will be discussed by sub-committee

  • The Treasurer handed out and presented an 18 page Budget Presentation at the meeting that provided an update on 2016E financials, key budget items, and related matters




  • Idea was discussed to do a softball/baseball opening day; this will be considered for 2017 seaason

  • Discussion about if Pizzafest should continue or not – board discussed that it creates a buzz to start the season; prompts late registrants every year; efforts will continue to get the time of Pizzafest down below one hour. Board voted that Pizzafest should continue for at least one more year

  • Dicks sporting goods is offering an alternative way to move forward with registration, web site, uniforms. This will be further investigated over this summer.


  • Meredith Nolan is new fundraising chair – submitted application to city for 50/50 raffle


  • Will order less uniforms this year and have kids wear same travel uniforms from years past if they fit

  • A decision will be made about uniforms for the the few ‘B’ level spring travel teams


  • Volunteers have been set for evaluations on 1/31

  • 20 adult volunteers

  • Umpires are in good shape; Lou wants to do outdoor umpire training on 3/20 (Jefferson field)

  • Sam Coburn will do second training on 3/23 at the Rec.

  • Should have league directors host league-wide meetings to review rules, etc.

  • Flyers will go out on 2/1 to 7 & 8th grade to advertise umpire program

  • Shirts, clickers and rule books will be ordered

  • Pilot program of girls umping softball – for spring season; keep umpire program ‘as is’ and then add in interested girl to umpire in the field – a sub-committee will be formed


9th graders in Suburban league

  • Movement to create a 9th grade ‘B’ level league on a rec level generally; Todd will explore this a way to keep kids engaged in baseball longer, even if not at a competitive level

  • Moving forward, any 9th grader who wants to ump will have to register in the SJBS system, but they will not be charged; this will provide liability coverage to that child


  • Sharon Burnel is the new Scheduling Director

Upcoming important dates:

  • Executive board meeting on 2/2

  • Baseball draft 3-6 on 2/28