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2016 Big Righty’s Summer Baseball Camps 

Ages 7-12

Location: Lincoln Hubbard Field

Director: Ike Welsh – SJBB 8th Grade Coach – former college pitcher


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Field Status
Franklin School - Summit TBD (7/26) 
Jefferson Batting Cage - Summit OPEN (7/26) 
Jefferson School - Summit TBD (7/26) 
LCJSMS 1 (near bldg.) - Summit TBD (7/26) 
LCJSMS 2 (Maple St.) - Summit TBD (7/26) 
Lincoln School - Summit TBD (7/26) 
Long Field (Rec. Ctr.) - Summit TBD (7/26) 
Lower High School - Summit TBD (7/26) 
Memorial 60/90 - Summit TBD (7/26) 
Memorial Batting Cages - Summit OPEN (7/26) 
Memorial SB Ashland - Summit TBD (7/26) 
Memorial SB Myrtle - Summit TBD (7/26) 
Summit HS (Turf) - Summit OPEN (7/26) 
Wilson Batting Cage - Summit OPEN (7/26) 
Wilson Field - Summit TBD (7/26) 
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