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  • SJBS 2017 Fundraiser: May 5 at Elk's...Purchase tickets (see link on left) or make a donation (button on right)



Where:  Summit Elks (where else?), 40 Maple Street

When:  Friday, May 5th at 7:30pm


Live Music! (Summit’s own Roses in Stereo)

Food & Drinks Included!

Silent Auction

  Auction Items include Yankees & Mets tickets, Private Lessons with local coaches, and experiences from many Summit establishments.

****Please note: To participate in the auction, bring your smart phone.  In order to bid on items, you will need to register with Bidding for Good, our auction platform.    (See Step 2 below)

How to Attend? 

Step 1: Buy your event tickets here:  http://assn.la/UserForm.asp?RegID=35328&org=SUMMITNJSPORTS.COM

Step 2: Register with Bidding for Good immediately after you buy event tickets:  www.biddingforgood.com/SJBS


Can’t Attend? 

Help us help your children by making a donation to Summit Jr. Baseball and Softball. Click Here:  www.summitnjsports.com/ (right side of homepage)

Why Attend or Donate? 

Support the organization that makes your child’s baseball/softball dreams come true. We want nothing more than to continue to improve the child, parent and coach experience. 

The cost of running a 1,000 member organization is more than you would imagine.  In addition, SJBS has BIG DREAMS for field improvement and the development of new fields!!!.  None of this is possible without donations from YOU!


Play Ball!!!




T-BALL Is FUN!!!!!!!




Any questions?  Please send them through the Feedback tab located on the left of the home page
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Field Status
Franklin Grass Field - Summit  -- 
Franklin School - Summit TBD (4/26) 
Jefferson Batting Cage - Summit OPEN (4/26) 
Jefferson School - Summit TBD (4/26) 
LCJSMS 1 (near bldg.) - Summit TBD (4/26) 
LCJSMS 2 (Maple St.) - Summit TBD (4/26) 
Lincoln School - Summit TBD (4/26) 
Long Field (Rec. Ctr.) - Summit TBD (4/26) 
Lower High School - Summit TBD (4/26) 
Memorial 60/90 - Summit TBD (4/26) 
Memorial Batting Cages - Summit OPEN (4/26) 
Memorial SB Ashland - Summit TBD (4/26) 
Memorial SB Myrtle - Summit TBD (4/26) 
Summit HS (Turf) - Summit OPEN (4/26) 
Wilson Batting Cage - Summit OPEN (4/26) 
Wilson Field - Summit TBD (4/26) 
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